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3 DIY Steps for Fixing a Running Toilet

There are certain plumbing fixtures that you simply expect to work perfectly all the time with minimal maintenance and repairs. One of those fixtures is the toilet. We use it every day and rely on it to flush waste out of our home. So if the toilet is not working properly or if it’s always running, it poses a serious problem and can cause numerous disruptions to your daily routine.
If your toilet is always running, try replacing the following parts to repair the issue:

The Flapper

This component consists of a rubber disc or plug attached to a chain that sits in a drain in the toilet tank. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper is pulled out of the drain and the water from the tank rushes out to complete the flush.
As the water starts to refill the tank, the flapper seals the drain and prevents water from exiting the tank prematurely. If the flapper is damaged, worn-out or improperly installed, it will not seal properly, and you will be left with a constantly running toilet. If replacing the flapper does not make the toilet stop running, move on to these other DIY replacement parts.

Check the Positioning of the Fill Tube

toilet-diagramThe fill tube is a small, skinny tube that siphons water into the overflow tube. The fill tube works to refill the bowl after a flush. If there is something wrong with the fill tube or if it is not positioned correctly, your toilet will always run.
Replacing the flapper and fill tube should resolve the problem, but if it persists, follow this final DIY toilet tip.

Adjust the Fill Height

This term refers to how much water is allowed in the tank after a flush. The fill height is controlled by one of two components, either a ballcock system or a cylindrical mechanism that floats and sinks to control the fill height in the tank. If the fill height is set too low, the toilet will always run.
However, alternatively, if the fill height is set too high, you run the risk of overflowing the toilet. It’s best to make sure that the fill height is a happy medium between these two extremes.
If you replace and adjust the following components and the toilet is still constantly running in your Arlington, VA home, call the professionals at The Plumbing Dr. Our expert technicians will assess the problem and provide a comprehensive solution. Call 703-525-9280 today and speak with one of our experts.