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A Plumber’s Valentine: Life Lessons to Remember

With Valentine’s Day approaching many couples are starting to think about the romantic things they’ll do to celebrate the day. Maybe you’re planning a candle-lit dinner. Perhaps you’re taking a trip away together.
Who knows, maybe it will be the day you decide to move in together. Moving in would be a huge decision, and it comes with some unexpected changes you probably aren’t even thinking about.
Take your plumbing for instance, with two people you’re putting twice as much strain on the pipes and plumbing throughout the house. That can come with some unexpected consequences, take a moment to learn a bit more and you’ll be prepared for any plumbing issues that life throws at you.

Issues With Bathroom Plumbing

bathroomplumbingWhoever the person you’re thinking about is, he or she is likely a human just like you. That means you both need to use the bathroom from time to time.
With two of you using the bathroom on a regular basis, the chance for toilet clogs goes up dramatically.
Clogged toilets are a nuisance, but most of the time can be cleared away with a simple toilet plunger. When the problem stems from a larger issue like old pipes or damaged sewer lines, however, your plunger won’t be able to do much.
If you’re planning on moving in together, take the time to set some ground rules on what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. This will limit the risk of clogs and be the first step in a long line of bonding as a couple!

Twice The Hair Could Result in a Shower Clog

showerclogIf you guys are into bathing, you’ll likely start to find more hair in the shower than you’re used to, now that there are two of you there full time. All that added hair will accumulate in the drain and can lead to a pretty serious bathroom clog.
Heck, there will even be more skin particles swirling down the drain each time you guys hop in the shower, and all that debris can lead to a clog.
Adding a drain screen is a good way to keep your pipes clog-free, but if you don’t take that precaution you’ll likely have to use a drain snake to clear the way, or call over a plumber to clear up your shower clog.

Is it Really Worth It?

proplumberAfter reading through all these potential complications we have one question to ask you. Is it really worth it? Do you really want to go through with it? You can still turn back! We’re just kidding of course.
But, life happens, if something does happen between the two of you, we’ll always remain loyal to you! We’ll always have services available for you, even if there’s more than one of you.
We wish you the best on this Valentine’s Day and hope your day goes according to plan. Now that we’ve given you something to think about, you should pass on all that you’ve learned to your date.
If you really love them that’s the only way to go. Valentine’s Day is messy. Who knows, the day could turn out in an unexpected way, maybe you’ll have to call the plumber for help, and maybe the plumber will be your valentine. How’s that for a surprise?