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Top 3 Water Heater Brands on the Market

A good water heater is often a matter of comfort and efficiency. After all, when you get in the shower in your Arlington home, you want more than cleanliness. People enjoy the shower and the hot water that it brings. Some people will even take longer showers than others just because they want to enjoy the luxury of a hot shower.

However, before they are able to finish, the hot water might begin to weaken. This is something that is a common issue in households. Suddenly you are in the shower and you only feel cool water, despite that the knobs are turned all the way up. Many people feel as though they have to rush through their shower because they will run out of hot water soon. If this describes you, you likely need a new hot water heater.
This will also extend into the efficiency of the home. Whether you want clean dishes or clean clothes, you need hot water. If your hot water is deficient, everything will take longer and things will not be as clean as you would like them to be. The general function of the home depends heavily on having a proper supply of hot water. That is why it is so important to assess the best heaters and brands to find the one that supplies enough hot water for your family.

Whirlpool Water Heaters

People are becoming more environmentally aware and concerned with what sort of planet we are going to leave behind for our children. This will often extend into several aspects of our lives, including how we spend our spare time, and what sort of amenities we buy for our homes.
If there is something that we can purchase that will be environmentally efficient, we will often opt for that. Whirlpool recognizes this trend and would like to contribute to it. They manufacture many water heaters that have environmentally friendly features.
Another consideration that the homeowner will have, will be in regard to their energy bill. Does the water heater conserve energy or will they have to pay more on a monthly basis?
Whirlpool manufactures their heaters with this particular concern in mind. Many of their models are energy efficient. The engineers designed them specifically so they could generate a high capacity of hot water while saving money on the electricity bill.
Most Whirlpool water heaters also come with a warranty that extends for a fairly long time. Some models last even for twelve years for parts and three for all of your water heater repair work. A warranty on this product is critical for longevity. Homeowners who opt for Whirlpool often feel very secure in their purchase and the future of their hot water.

Sears Kenmore Water Heaters

Sears is a brand name that people trust, and people have shopped with Sears for several generations. They often go there for many of their home appliances, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, car rentals, car repairs, or even clothing. They have made an effort to establish themselves over the years, by manufacturing these special heaters, and people know that they can trust them.
Something that people have always appreciated about Sears is their wide range of options. This applies particularly to the Kenmore Water Heaters. There are diverse households that have different needs, and Kenmore is there to accommodate them. If one needs tankless, they can turn their eyes to Kenmore. If they need liquid propane gas, natural gas, or electric water heaters, Kenmore can satisfy them. Kenmore even has energy efficient models.
The consumer is also very compelled by the accessibility of water heater repair parts for purchase right in the store. But, more prominently, Kenmore offers rapid water heater installation. Most of the time, they can install your heater on the same day or the next day. In this way, Kenmore is a very customer friendly and approachable brand.
People know to expect convenience when turning to them as a prominent brand of water heaters. This is particularly exemplified in how easy it is to select a model. They advise the consumer that if they just take a picture of their model and e-mail it to Kenmore, then Kenmore will inform them of which model they need and give them a discount.

Water-Heater-Installation-ServicesAO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith holds the largest share in water heaters in the United States. They even managed to acquire the useful URL, HotWater.com. In the modern age, a helpful website often matters to a lot of people.
They would be more compelled to make a purchase from a company that has an interactive website, guiding them through the process of making a difficult decision, than a website that simply lists their products.
AO Smith greets the reader with a guiding question. How long do you usually spend in the shower? The user has the option to answer with either short, long, average, or luxurious comments. From there, the system guides you through your household water consumption to discern what model will satisfy your needs.
They even help the consumer through the difficult process of water heater installation, guiding them to experts in the industry. After all, one needs an installation team who can assess the intricacies of the home and properly install water heaters. Many people are not willing to do it themselves in their Arlington home, because they do not have this unique form of expertise. But being a leader in the industry, AO Smith does.
Their website also offers helpful services, such as guides to technical training and energy guides. They seem to want the home owner who is searching for a product to be informed and to make a wise and educated decision.
They even offer long term warranties so that the user will not have to worry about water heater repair. Their website even has a resource so that users can check the status of their warranty.
If you are looking for a plumbing company in your Arlington, VA area, who understands these different water heaters, please call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280, we’ll assist you with any water heater repair or installation concerns that you may have.