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Don’t be The One Who Bites The Dust This Spring

Wow, that came out a little more morbid than it was intended. It’s actually a reference to the epic Queen song that you can’t help but sing along to when you hear it. What does the song have to do with you?
Well, Springtime is officially here and that means there’s dust all around – and not just in your house. If you are not careful, you could be the one who is drinking the dust if you don’t solve your hard water problem. Not sure where to start? We’ll let you know what a hard water problem actually is and how you can go about solving it.

What is Hard Water?

hardwaterSimply put, hard water has a high concentration of minerals dissolved into it, specifically calcium and magnesium. The higher the amount of these minerals in the water, the harder it is.
However, that’s not all that can be found in hard water. Particularly this time of year, environmental dust also makes its way into the water supply. Is this particularly a bad thing?
While some claim that drinking hard water can be beneficial for your health, there is a general consensus that it can wreak havoc on your house. Spots on dishes, broken down fabrics in the laundry and surface residue are just a few of the negative impacts hard water can have around your house.

Water Softeners Can Fix The Problem

cleanwaterThankfully, the solution to a hard water problem is pretty easy. There are plenty of water softeners that fix the issue. This is done by removing the dissolved calcium and magnesium deposits in the water.
These systems utilize a resin bed that the hard water passes through. They are not conventional water filters (although also helpful in these situations) however, they are specific to hard water issues if that is what you are dealing with at home.
During the process, an ion exchange happens, meaning that only soft water passes through the system, leaving the water free of these minerals and no longer causing problems for you and your home. The only regular maintenance in these systems is to regenerate the resin bed, generally done with salt, which allows the process to start all over again.

Water Softeners Are Worth The Cost

watersoftenercostThere is no denying that there is an upfront cost to setting up a water softening system for your house. However, in the long run, it will be beneficial to get this system set up. There are many different setups, depending on how severe the hard water issue is, as well as whether or not the salt regeneration process is manual or automated.
Either way, hard water can cause a build up in your pipes leading to clogs and costly repair bills. Setting up a water filter now can save you money later, as well as alleviating all the pitfalls caused by hard water. Don’t live out the epic Queen song and stop drinking the dust, in the spring.
Getting your home or office set up on a water softening system starts with getting a professional out to establish the severity of your hard water problems and going through options for a system. Our experts at Plumbing Doctors are more than happy to help point you in the right direction and make sure you can easily address your hard water problem. Simply give us a call at (703) 525-9280.