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Looking to buy a home? Get the plumbing inspected before you do!

Arlington PlumberPurchasing a home is a big step. There are many different things that need to be asked, as well as a lot of paperwork that must be done. With all of the confusion it is possible to overlook some things. One of those things is the plumbing system in the home. The plumbing is often overlooked because it is not one of those things that can b readily seen. For this reason, it is of crucial importance to have the whole system inspected by a professional. One of the things that will be determined during a plumbing inspection is the type of material that the pipes are made of.
Many older homes have pipes made of either brass or lead. If the pipes are made from brass they can have a tendency to rot out faster and cause many issues associated with this erosion. Lead pipes, on the other hand, have been shown to cause sickness in individuals. While they were popular in the past, it would be important to have these pipes changed out as quickly as possible. A professional inspection will also ensure the individual buying the home that the drains work properly, there are no blocks in the lines, and that all of the system components are working well.
Arlington Plumbing InspectionOne such component is the hot water heater. The hot water heater is a very important component of the plumbing system. If this component has a leak or excessive wear, it can cost a lot to replace or have repaired. It can also be a negotiating point for the final price of the home. Another aspect of the plumbing system that is important is whether or not the drainage system is a city sewer or a septic tank. Septic tanks can become overfull and cause flooding on the property. This will take special cleanup as well as pumping to eradicate the issue.
If the plumbing system is in disrepair it can cost a lot to have it fixed. These repairs can also mean a possible replacement of the entire system if the issues have persisted for too long. Serious issues can also have a detrimental effect on the condition of the home and the surrounding property. A plumbing inspection for new homeowners can help individuals to save money on future repairs and costs. It can also be a haggling point for lowering the overall cost of the home.
Looking to buy a home in the Arlington area? Call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280 and get the plumbing inspected before you do!