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The Latest Toilet Technologies

As technology continues to find its way into more aspects of everyday life, nothing has benefitted more than the modern toilet. Once looked at as simply a bowl in the bathroom, today’s toilets have come a long way in a short period of time.
Arlington, VA Toilet-TechnologiesWhether it’s having more power in their flush or providing higher levels of comfort and convenience, today’s toilets offer all this and much more.
If you’re looking to upgrade your Arlington home toilet and are curious as to what options are available to consumers, here are some of the latest innovations manufacturers have added to their toilets.

Health Monitoring

If you’d like your toilet to keep tabs on your health, you can make it happen when you buy a new toilet. Many of today’s toilets are now capable of monitoring such things as pulse, blood sugar, body temperature, and blood pressure.
Once used only in healthcare facilities, this technology has now been made available to consumers everywhere, and the results have been very positive. So if you have any health issues and would like to have an easy way to keep track of things, one of these toilets may be a good bet.

24 Golf Balls

While you probably won’t be flushing 24 golf balls down your toilet anytime soon, it’s nice to know you could if needed. Despite using just over 1.5 gallons of water per flush, today’s toilets have much more power in their flush than in years past.
Thanks to years of calculations by plumbing engineers, toilets now use complex combinations of water line pressure and siphoning to create a flush that’s better than ever.

Sit Down in Comfort

Perhaps above all, any person who sits down on a toilet at your Arlington home wants to have a comfortable and convenient time doing so. To help this become reality, many toilets now come with almost as many options as a new car. For example, just like many of today’s newer cars, toilets also come with optional seat warmers and air freshening systems.
Also, a toilet today can also offer a spraying massage once the person’s job is completed, and can also offer pleasant sounds to drown out any potentially embarrassing noises or mask the noise of the tank when it’s refilling.
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