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Fun Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy on the World’s Longest Day

Daylight is set to be just a little longer for a special day that only happens once a year – June 21st, the World’s longest day of the year! When you get a unique opportunity to spend some extra time having fun in the sun with friends and family, be sure to take advantage of it!
And, what better way to enjoy this time and optimize your summer fun than by enjoying some outdoor activities? Better yet, let’s make those some water activities! Take a look at some fun ideas for the whole family below:

The Whole Family Can Enjoy a Sprinkler and Slide

sprinklerandslideEasy to set up, budget-friendly, and loads of fun; take advantage of the cheap and fun home sprinkler and slide to stay cool in the summer fun this June 21st.
Running through the sprinklers in your front or back yard is fun, but you can definitely increase the fun if you add a slide!
Your whole family will appreciate and enjoy making memories with this extra twist of fun. Plus, your grass will never look greener after some bonus water time!

Water Hose Fights are Cool Fun for the Whole Family

hosefightsThis June 21st, surprise your friends and family with impromptu water hose fights in your yard; they’ll appreciate the fun way to beat the heat!
As long as you keep an eye on how long the water fights are continuing and how much water is being used, water hose fights can be a great and inexpensive summer outdoor activity that really helps everyone stay cool.
Make sure you pay attention to your water usage, however, or you’ll regret it when the water bill arrives. You can also opt to toss some water guns into the mix; this will give a new twist on your water fun, and give an opportunity to better measure your water usage.

Water Balloons are a Great Summer Pastime

waterballoonsfightWater balloons have remained a staple of summer fun all over the US for a reason – they’re fun and inexpensive. When you see temperatures soar on this longest day of the year, grab some water balloons from your local store and fill them up! Your whole family will have fun engaging in a water balloon fight, plus it’s a great way to make some lasting memories.
While water activities are a fantastic way to have fun during the warm summer days, it’s also important to be conscious of how much water you’re using; not only will your wallet thank you for saving money, the Earth will appreciate your efforts in conservation.
Our Earth has precious and limited resources, especially when it comes to water. When you do your part to conserve water this summer, you’ll help keep your communities green and beautiful, ensure food costs don’t increase too much, and allow everyone to continue to enjoy water activities throughout the year.
So remember, on this longest day of the year, which only comes around once every 365 days, at The Plumbing Dr, we want you to enjoy it; just remember to conserve while you have fun!