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Enjoy the weekend thanks to your Arlington Plumbing Contractor
Long weekends should really not be reserved to get your plumbing or garbage disposal fixed. Unfortunately in many homes, it is often a common phenomenon to wake up to a garbage disposal that has given up or has broken down. Following are 5 great tips on caring for your garbage disposal so you can avoid an emergency visit from the plumber this month.
Running cold water into the garbage disposal before and after you put in food left overs really helps prevent unnecessary break downs. The water helps take down any stubborn residues and helps clear the garbage disposal once you are done. Just 15 to 20 seconds of this works, remember to use cold water as hot water can break down the food bits.
Arlington Plumber discusses Garbage Disposal tipsDo not throw in certain foods and material that could harm the machine and the plumbing. These include bones, glass, stringy vegetables, corn husks, paper, cellophane and rubber. While the blades in the garbage disposal are pretty strong, they do tend to get damaged if they are forced to cut up something they are not built for. It is also important to cut up the food and waste into smaller parts so it can easily be ground, otherwise the blades can get stuck and stall.
Contrary to popular belief, bleach and strong chemical cleaners are not good for the garbage disposal. They can cause erosion and are not environmentally friendly. Instead, pour a cup of vinegar down the garbage disposal and wait for an hour before flushing it down with hot water to maintain your drain in between professional drain cleanings from your trusted Arlington plumber. This helps remove any mineral deposits.
To sharpen the blades of the garbage disposal, throw in two cups full of ice cubes and run cold water down the disposal. Make sure you turn on the disposal after you turn on the cold water. This helps sharpen the blades and helps clean them, too. This method is, however, pretty noisy.
Be patient. An overloaded garbage disposal is likely to crash because the number of things thrown in are too many for it to handle. Be patient and throw in cut up waste, bit by bit, and allow it to work at its usual pace. Keep a note near the garbage disposal that will remind you of repair costs and the trouble that a broken down garbage disposal can cause.
If your garbage disposal is already clogged or not working properly, contact us today at (703) 525-9280 to schedule a visit right away. At The Plumbing Dr, we are your premiere Arlington plumbers.