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What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?

Arlington PlumberWhen it comes to drain cleaning many people make the mistake of trying to do it themselves. While this may seem like a natural “do-it-yourself” type job it is actually much more dangerous than you’d imagine.
This primarily comes from the use of chemical drain cleaning solutions that are used in an effort to unclog a clogged drain or to simply clean the drain at some point as a part of regular maintenance.
Instead of risking your health or the health of your family with dangerous chemicals, let the professionals do their job and clean your drain instead.

Dealing with a Strong Base

You are probably aware that strong acids are bad when they come into contact with human flesh. However, did you know that strong base is much more damaging? Substances with high basic properties can cause damage to flesh on contact, dissolving it and breaking it down.
Using this substances to clean a drain carries certain dangers with it. If for some reason the drain backs up and the liquid comes rushing back up the opening it can cause serious damage to your hands and/or face and eyes. Some people have been permanently scarred and blinded due to this.

The Danger of Fumes

Certain chemical reactions are deadly. Trying to clean a drain yourself while using regular household cleaners and chemicals can inadvertently create compounds that release toxic fumes that can be lethal in the right amounts. Also, even if the fumes aren’t lethal right away, they can cause permanent damage to your lungs before you even realize there is a problem.
This can leave you permanently disabled or even harm you family if the fumes spread throughout the house before you realize there is a danger. In most cases, deadly fumes are undetectable until the damage has been done.

Arlington Drain Cleaning ServicesPlay it Safe

There is a reason why professional drain cleaners exist. IF you need your drain cleaned don’t try and handle it yourself or go mixing together various chemicals to get the job done.
Pick up the phone and call your local plumber and let someone who is certified handle the job they were trained to do on your behalf.
You may think that you don’t’ want to spend the money but in the end it is better to pay a small fee than risk your health and the health of your family trying to do something dangerous.

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