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An Expert’s Word on Getting a Plumbing Permit

Are you considering home renovations or improvements? It’s an exciting time for sure. In order to make sure that you get the best return on your innovation investment, ensure that your work has the right permits for a plumbing job.
Permits, among other things, will ensure that you’ve got high-quality work that will stand the test of time and be cost effective. Getting a permit is as simple as submitting your plans and filling out your paperwork with the city of Falls Church, VA, but it can be helpful to know what to expect.
Here is what you need to know.

1 – Costs Associated with Plumbing Permits

“howmuchcost”Most permits are good for a year, so make sure that you get the work done in that time frame or you may be looking at other costs.
The cost of permits, generally speaking, will be based on the estimated cost of your construction project.
There are minimums, but you can expect to pay a percentage of what the total estimated cost/value of your project is.

2 – When do you Require a Permit?

“whenpermit”Basically, if you are doing something minor to your home (i.e., adding a toilet, changing a faucet, fixing a leak, installing a water heater, doing some remodeling that doesn’t require plumbing, painting or decorating) you don’t require a permit.
If you are altering the structure of your home somehow (i.e., putting on an addition, major remodels that involve moving/adding walls, modifying plumbing, heating, or cooling system); you need a permit.
You also require a permit if the work that you are doing involves you connecting with the municipal water supply or sewer lines. For example, if you are installing a sprinkler system, you need a permit.

3 – What are Some of the Benefits of Getting a Permit?

“permitprotection”It might appear on the surface that going through the process of getting a permit is a hassle.
However, when you stop to consider how having a proper plumbing permit actually protects you, it is a worthwhile process.
When work is done following the permitting process, it is usually of higher quality. That means the work is going to be more reliable and last longer. Furthermore, you get peace of mind because work that has been done properly is safer as well. When corners are cut, you can be at risk of fire or flooding.
Getting a plumbing permit can help keep costs down. If something goes wrong in the future, you could face fines. Curious to learn more about plumbing permits for your next home renovation? Your Falls Church, VA plumber is happy to help.