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Having a Hard Time Flushing the Toilet? Check these 3 Things

When your toilet won’t flush, it is time to spring into action, because you need this vital bathroom plumbing fixture to be working reliably.
The good news is that there are really only a handful of reasons that a toilet won’t flush. It won’t take long for you to take a look and decide what needs to be done.
Here are some simple solutions to help you get your toilet to flush again.

1 – Investigate Your Flapper

“tankflapper”Do you know what a flapper is? Today is the day that you learn. The flapper is located at the bottom of the toilet tank.
It opens and closes to let water in when you flush and blocks the flow of water when the toilet has refilled. However, if the flapper is broken or warped, it won’t close tightly around the opening, which means that the toilet won’t flush.
It is common for flappers to break down over time, as they are made of rubber. To change your current flapper for a new one, just lift the tank lid and drain it. Remove the flapper and replace with a brand new one.

2 – Know When to Make the Call

“callaprofessional”While we are supremely confident in your ability to DIY this bathroom plumbing issue, there are circumstances when you should call in the pros.
If you are dealing with clogs, for instance, this is a problem that is best left to the tools and the training of professional plumbers.
They will get the clog removed quickly and thoroughly so that you can avoid having this be a reoccurring problem.

3 – Using a Bowl

“waterinsidetoilet”Here is a low-tech way to get your toilet to flush. Fill a bowl with water (you can even use your garbage can in your bathroom- just empty it first).
Pour the water into the toilet bowl and watch the toilet flush itself. This trick makes use of the pressure applied by the pouring water and the shape of the toilet bowl, along with gravity to flush the contents of the toilet bowl.
A toilet not flushing is a common problem; another very common bathroom plumbing problem is a leaky toilet. This can be easy to diagnose as well. Lift the lid to the toilet tank and put in some food coloring. If the color seeps through to the toilet bowl, then you have a leak, and you should call your Falls Church, VA to come and fix it.