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Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped


The quality and functionality of a piping system in a home is an important aspect of the overall vitality, livability, and value of the property. There are numerous signs and symptoms of a home that needs to be professionally repiped. If it is suspected that the piping is inefficient in the home and an entire overhaul is necessary, a professional should be contacted as soon as possible. This is an endeavor that is too complex for a do it yourself project if you aren’t properly trained in the plumbing profession. Delaying new piping in a home that requires it can have a detrimental effect on occupant’s health, home value, and quality of life.

Leaky pipes are one of the biggest warnings signs of faulty pipes in a home that could soon completely fail. Leaky pipes could be located at random places all over the home or be concentrated in a specific area and either scenario can signify the need for a complete piping upgrade. Leaky pipes can result in an increased water bill and can deliver structural water damage to your home.
Low water pressure can be revealed when you put your faucet or water strength on high power and the water comes out weak and stagnated. This is especially troublesome and the water pressure can continue to get weaker if nothing is done. There are several possible culprits to low water pressure, but one of the usual suspects is bad pipes that need to be replaced.
Bad tasting water can be indicative of pipes that are corroded and releasing rust and other contaminants into the water supply. This is the result of old pipes that have exhausted their optimum performance and need replacement. Sediments in water can also sometimes be visually seen by rust colored water and rust stains in sinks, toilets, tubs, and dishes. These clues give implication of corroded pipes that are expired.
Faucets that produce spurts of water flow is a sign of air being in the lines of the piping system. This occurrence happens when the pipes gradually deteriorate over time and is common in older homes with piping that has never been replenished or upgraded.
Strange sounds coming from the pipes when the water is turned on can be a signal of the compromised integrity of the piping system. Thumps and knocks behind walls when certain faucets or pipes are engaged require further investigation.
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