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Length of Time for Bathroom Repipe

RepipingWhat a plumber does and how long he takes
In most situations when a plumber is called in to do a re-pipe, there are other things going on and other workers doing their job. In a kitchen remodel, for example you will someone to do floors, drywall, flooring and hook up appliances. Whether you get one guy for all those jobs or different guys, when the old walls are opened up and the pipes are exposed, our professional plumbers should be able to complete a re-pipe in one day.
What unforeseen issues could come up?
There can every now and then be complications that delay the progress of a re-pipe. If the old pipes are hard to locate, it can sometimes be hard to tap in and cut off old systems. If transitions need to be made from old to new materials, special accommodations for code compliance may be required. Every job must be tested and inspected, and scheduling of these may take some extra time if not called for promptly. If there is no access to parts of a system and you need to go through a concrete slab or asphalt the labor involved could take some extra time as well.
What to expect from a good plumbing company
You can expect your plumber to show up on time, with all the materials he will need on his truck. You should expect that they will be at the job-site, other than regular lunch breaks, until the job is done. You can also expect that your plumber will be friendly and willing to explain what they are doing in layman’s terms that their customers understand. Most importantly, you can also expect to have a card carrying certified plumber that will supervise, installation and conduct the final test of your new system.
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