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A slab leak occurs when water leaks underneath the foundation of a home. Leaks can come from water lines or sewage lines, and can be very costly to repair.
Finding a slab leak is often the result of several different things that may have happened. Wet spots appearing in flooring or carpet, a significant increase in water or sewer bills, and water pressure reduction are just a few of the ways slab leaks can be detected. Once the problem is determined to be a slab leak, there are several ways to go about repairing the problem.
You can hire professionals to repair the slab or you can tackle the problem yourself. If you attempt to fix the problem yourself, there are several steps to take in the process of getting the leak fixed correctly.
• First, remove the flooring in the area of the leak. Carpet, tile, hardwood or vinyl flooring needs to be cut in an area larger than the wet
• Next, cut the foundation around the edges of the slab leak with the proper tools. Remove the cut concrete to expose the dirt.
• Once exposed, dig down in the dirt until the problem pipe is clear of dirt.
• Repair the leaky pipe in the area and test to ensure that it does not leak anymore.
• Refill with dirt and wet concrete. Let dry.
• Repair the floor and install new carpet, tile, hardwood, or vinyl to the original area.
This process may seem simple, but trained professionals may be necessary depending on your level of home-repair skill. You could also perform a portion of the work yourself and have the professionals come to cut the slab and repair the leak. This could save you some money. Then you could refill the hole with dirt and concrete. Once dry, you could repair the floor yourself also. Either way there are several options on how to fix this issue.