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Top 10 Reasons For a Clogged Toilet


ToArlington Plumberilets along with septic and sewer systems isn’t a topic many people are schooled on, but no doubt will come into some sort of trouble with at least once in their life. This experience will most definitely provide a life lesson and change the way a person disposes of certain products. We can help with our plumbing services.
A majority of the time, a clogged toilet is a result of something flushed. Here are the top ten reasons a toilet will clog.
They may not cause a clog immediately but over time can result in a buildup and a clog bigger than a plunger and every-day plumber can handle.
1.) Sanitary products – Items like tampons and sanitary napkins are made of very thick cloth-like fibers made to absorb but not breakdown. The tampon applicators are also on the “No-flush” list. These items can get lodged and cause an instant clog or hangout over time in the plumbing to later cause major issues.
2.) Cotton Balls – They have numerous uses in our households such as cleaning wounds, however, flushing them down is not the best means of getting rid of them.
3.) Q tips / cotton balls – Much like sanitary products, these items are cloth like and Q-tips also have a cardboard or even plastic stick that is prone to lodging in the plumbing fixtures.
4.) Diapers – These are just like sanitary products, but larger. Made to be super absorbent and sturdy when wet. They undoubtedly get lodged quickly.
5.) Too much toilet paper – Though not as serious as the aforementioned items, when a wad of toilet paper is flushed it takes much more time for the water to seep in and begin the disintegrating process.
6.) Non flush-able wipes – Most baby wipes are non-flushable. They are a tougher fabric-like material that takes much longer to breakdown. A bundle of these will call for a plunging.
Clogged Toilet Repair7.) Toilet bowl scrubbing pads – There are many cleaning sponges that are made to be flushed after using but there are also many that are poorly made and do not flush well at all. Some may be completely un-flushable altogether and get stuck in the piping.
8.) Miscellaneous items that kids put in – Kids are great. Their wood blocks and hot wheels cars are great, too. Just not in the toilet. Kids are bound to throw random stuff in the toilet and get amusement out of flooding your bathroom while trying to flush their favorite toy.
9.) Food /Grease – Plaque and grease can build up on the pipe walls and restrict the amount of space for waste and toilet paper to pass, thus causing a clog and/or continuous clogs.
10.) Bad water flow/pressure – Some toilets do not flush well. Without enough pressure to push paper products and waste into the septic or sewer system you will be feeding a massive blockage in the plumbing, or if the pressure is really low, the toilet will clog almost every time it is flushed.
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