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Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention

Discolored WaterWhat Are The Causes Of Discolored Water?
If the water coming from your faucet is not clear but has a muddy brown or red color, there are a couple of reasons that this may be happening. Most of the time, you will find the cause to be a rusty iron pipe. If you have recently had line work done on your water system, dirt may have entered your line. Another issue that could cause this problem may be an old water heater that may be rusting, sending the murky water through your pipes. The problem could also be triggered by the city’s water system. Residue may have gotten mixed into your system during either a water main break or when a fire hydrant was used. The fire department may also be flushing the hydrants which can stir up any sediment in the system and temporarily cause the water to be discolored. When this occurs, it is definitely time to call a professional plumber.
How Can It Be Fixed?
It is suggested that you report the issue to your city’s water department. If the problem is due to the municipal system, they will take care of the issue at their end and you should begin to see clean water within a few hours. If the city has received no other reports of rusty or discolored water, the problem most likely rests within your home or place of business. This is especially the case if only one of your faucets is affected and also if the problem is worst first thing in the morning. In this case it is advised that you have your worn pipes inspected by a licensed plumber. If the problem was caused by recent water system work at your residence or business, the discolored water will flush out within a few minutes. If an old water heater is the culprit, having a professional plumber replace the old water heater with a new unit will solve the problem.
How Do I Prevent It?
You can prevent your water from becoming discolored by having a licensed plumber replace your old water supply lines with new copper or plastic lines (especially if your current lines are iron). It is also suggested that you keep your water heater well maintained on a yearly basis. A licensed professional can help you keep your water system sending clean, fresh water to your family all year long.
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