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Why Are There Water Stains on my Tub and Tile?

Arlington PlumberWater stains on tubs and tiles are usually caused by hard water, rust stains or even soap scum. Hard water is one which contains large amounts of dissolved minerals that include, limestone, magnesium and calcium. The water is safe for consumption though over time it causes unwanted results on your house.
A more serious consequence may be buildup of lime scale in your plumbing which may lead to blockage of water ways.
Other unwanted results that may come about due to hard water are water stains on your bathroom and sink, stains and tarnishes on your utensils and even clothes.

Formation of Stains

The stains form as dissolved minerals in water get left behind as the water dries up. The spots and stains appear light at initial times but as more mineral layers accumulate, they become more pronounced. Once they dry up, it becomes quite a challenging task to wipe the stains from the tubs and tiles.
Taking the necessary precautions of preventing stains will definitely save you much effort and will ensure that your tub and tile remains shiny and clean.

Removing the Stains

If the stains prove stubborn to remove or are way beyond your control, it is not time to give up. The main key to removing those stubborn stains is selecting the appropriate cleaner. Get cleaners that have been proved to work. You may even ask for referrals of such cleaners from friends or colleagues.
With this, you will not need to do much of the scrubbing, the cleaner will practically do this work. As you decide on cleaning your tub and tile, it is important that you take note of the type of material. This will help in picking the appropriate cleaner as some surfaces demand specific type of cleaners.

Practical Method of Cleaning

A more economical method is just understanding a simple chemistry; a solution of ammonia and vinegar may work perfectly fine.
Arlington Tub-StainsYou only need to pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on affected parts. Wait for it to settle and then wipe it.
For complete elimination of the scum, you will be required to repeat the process with more solution. For a severe stain, strong compounds such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, oxalic acid among others may need to come handy.
As you carry out this procedure, ensure that you take necessary precautions such as diluting the compounds and wearing protective gears.

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