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3 Main Water Heater Regulations

Three Main Water Heater Regulations and why are They Important

As a result, of National Appliance Energy Conservation Act, 2015, regulation and requirements for water heater have been updated. The new rule requires higher energy rating virtually in all residential electric, gas, and oil water heaters.
Arlington, VA Water-Heater-ServicesThese regulations in your Arlington home are crucial to customers since they aim to reduce energy consumption and save money.
Considering the fact that 20 % of annual household energy consumption in U.S represent water heating. Further, water heater regulation includes installation, and safety adherence to set standard

Energy Factor

The energy factor (EF) illustrate overall energy efficiency of water heater based on the amount of hot water that is produced per unit fuel consumption on an ordinary day.
Higher EF reflects energy efficient of the water heater. Energy efficient is measured in three ways that include: Recovery efficiency measures of heat energy transmitted to the water by the water heater.
Standby loss computes the percentage of heat that is lost per hour from stored water in comparison to the heat content of water in water heater storage tanks.
Water heater comprises inlet and outlet, the heat that is lost as the water circulates into and out of water heater tank is computed by cycling loss. The higher the EF of the water heater the higher it has energy efficiency

Safety Regulation

Water heater regulations in your Arlington home calls for safety adherence, some safety device that are required include Ant siphon devices that prevent siphoning of a storage tank.
Relief valves both for temperature and pressure valves and they are required to have a self-closing mechanism. The standard requires such valves to be installed in the shell of tank water heater.
Besides, shutdowns are necessary as means of disconnecting energy supply from hot water thus shutting fuel supply to any hot water systems. In a situation where hot water storage tank or water heater are located in areas where they can cause damage in the event of leakage, regulation calls for pans.
Galvanized steel pan with a minimum thickness of 24 gage should be installed to tank or water heater. The pan should extend and terminate suitably over the floor drain or indirect waste receptor.

Installation Requirement

Water heaters should be installed as per manufacturer’s installation instruction. In addition, installation should conform to set standards. For example, regardless of the type of water heater, thermal expansion tanks are called for where thermal expansion is considered to be a due hazard restriction.
Water heater using liquid, solid or gas fuel should not be installed in a room containing machinery and when such room is being used as a plenum. Further, all unfired hot water storage is required to be insulated to limit heat loss to the maximum.

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