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The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

Arlington Plumber1Introduction

No matter how much each household will be careful in not clogging up toilets, toilet clogging is still bound to happen occasionally.
Even with the top of the line toilets, and so-called flushable items, clogging will occur. There are so many ways that toilets can clog up, but there are some more clogging instances, than others among all households.

The Most Common Clogging Issues

Of all the ways toilets are clogged up, the following are the most common ways toilets are being clogged in homes:
1. Multiple ply tissue- one ply tissue, such as Scott tissue, is easier to breakdown through the plumbing system. However, the multi-ply brands, and items that say they are strong enough to soak up a lot of water, like Charmin, is hard to breakdown, making it tough on the toilet trap.
2. Accidents- random objects are flushed accidentally from time to time. Rather it’s a toothbrush, razors, etc., it happens. Sometimes, people may seem to be lucky when a item is narrow or small enough to go through, but eventually the toilet will get clogged.
3. Children- children have a tendency to use an astronomical amount of tissue than adults will. Also, young children who are not properly supervised, will tend to throw just about anything in the toilet.
4. Feminine products- some women think it’s ok to flush tampons and sanitary napkins, even if those items claim to be flushable. However, tampons will expand as they absorb moisture, which will in turn, block the trap. Also, the plastic linings and the size of sanitary napkins are huge problems that cause a blockage in the trap.
Arlington Clogged-Toilet5. Hair- Pet fur and human hair are normally in clumps, and eventually cause problems with the toilet trap, when the fur or hair constantly gets flushed.


Toilet clogs will happen no matter what. All households have these problems, at least every now and then. They are caused in various ways; however, the most common ways include the use of multi-ply tissue; accidentally flushing other items in the toilet; children using too much tissue or flushing foreign objects in the toilet; flushing hair down the toilet; and with some women flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet.
In being aware of this, households can reduce these common problems. These problems may not seem much in most instances, but they mostly can be very costly overtime.

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