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Looking to Diagnose Your Plumbing Noises?

Do you ever wonder what your home is trying to tell you? You’ve heard clinging, clanging, banging pipes. Whistling and screeching sounds coming from the tap. Gurgling noises coming from the drain.
While there’s no such thing as a “house whisperer,” there are trained professionals who can tell the difference between sounds that indicate that a house is in normal, working order and sounds that indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. With a plumbing inspection, you can have someone trained to “interpret” the plumbing noises you are hearing.

Out of The Norm Whistling

“whistlingsounds”Whistling and screeching sounds are not uncommon, especially in old houses. Nevertheless, they can be quite jarring.
When you flush a toilet and wash your hands, hearing a screaming sound come from the toilet is…well, disconcerting, to say the least.
There could be a simple way to resolve the problem yourself. Check to see if the water pressure is too high. If that doesn’t work, there could be some debris causing an obstruction in the pipe. The debris needs to be flushed out, either using water or air, by a plumber.
There could also be an air pocket trapped within the pipe. Again, this is a situation where it is best to call in a licensed professional to do a full plumbing inspection and identify the safest, most efficient way to remove the obstruction or air pocket.

Grumbling And Knocking Plumbing

“knockingpipes”Banging or knocking pipes are common, especially in older homes. You may hear them in the middle of the night when the heat kicks on.
So, the sound of a banging or knocking pipe may not necessarily indicate that anything within your heating system is working improperly.
However, the banging and clanging sounds could be coming from the radiator, the water heater. the valves or the water hammer. With a plumbing inspection, the source of the banging and knocking sounds can be easily identified and addressed as appropriate.
Additionally, if you use natural gas to power your appliances, that banging noise could be a warning sign that a gas leak is on the horizon. As natural gas leaks out it can compress and bang whenever the system is in use – this will require professional care as it’s a risk to your home.

The Continuous Sound of Running Water

“runningwater”Gurgling water or drains can indicate everything from a clogged drain to a more serious problem.
Gurgling is usually caused by a blockage in a vent line. A gurgling sound can be a warning system — alerting you to the fact that something is blocking the vent.
It could be a quick fix, or it could be more of a major project. However, it’s something that absolutely needs to be addressed and the first step is scheduling a plumbing inspection.
Call The Plumbing Doctor today for all your plumbing issues or to schedule a plumbing inspection. We are your Church Falls plumbing experts and have a full range of plumbing solutions to resolve all your noise complaints. Best of all – our plumbers are available for 24-hour emergency care, so even if those noises are in the middle of the night, we’ll be there to help.