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A Guide to Optimizing Your Home Plumbing

A fully functional plumbing system is essential to home life, no matter where you live. We depend significantly on our water and sewer lines to deliver water for drinking, washing and eliminating waste. It’s difficult to imagine life without plumbing. It makes our everyday tasks more convenient and comfortable.
That’s why it should be a priority for every homeowner to take care of their plumbing. There are a handful of simple and inexpensive ways to keep the water flowing and prolong the life of your pipes while preventing any damage. Here’s a simple guide to optimizing your home plumbing system.

Keep an Eye on Drains

“cleandrains”Clogged drains are the bane of any plumbing system. Debris such as dirt and food can make their way into your drains and build-up over time to form blockages.
These can obstruct the flow of water, and this pressure will result in leaks and eventually burst pipes. The final result is a pricey repair bill. One way to help prevent any of these occurrences is buying a sink strainer for your kitchen.
This little device will catch most particles before they can enter your plumbing. It’s a simple yet effective way of dodging clogs. Another thing to remember is, no matter how convenient, do not pour grease or oil down your kitchen drain. Both of these cooking by-products will solidify as they encounter cold pipes and liquids in your plumbing.

Check Water Pressure

“balancedwaterpressure”High water pressure might seem like a luxury when you’re bathing or washing, but it creates a considerable amount of stress on your plumbing system.
Pipe joints and fixtures must work harder to maintain this pressure, which makes it easier for them to get damaged and will increase the likelihood of a leak or burst. Homeowners who aren’t sure if their water pressure is safe can buy a measuring device from a local hardware shop.
If the pressure reads 85 psi or higher, contact a plumber so they can find a way to adjust it. If you use low-flow plumbing components, it doesn’t affect the pressure within the pipes, only the amount of water that comes out.

Always Use Hair Screens

“haircleaner”Human or pet hair is another thing that can clog up your plumbing system. During times we wash or shave, it’s common for strands of hair to get washed down our bathroom sinks or tubs.
It’s possible to stop the majority of hair from getting into the pipes by buying hair screens. Place them above any drain, and they will catch hairs before they get flushed down. Be sure to clear them on a regular basis for water to continue to flow normally. Hair screens are inexpensive, but do a lot to prevent blockages from forming.

Follow Plumbing Laws and Regulations

“localrequirements”Your city has laws regulating the plumbing elements permitted and expected in your area.
The reason for these regulations is so standard home water needs are met, and overall plumbing stays in excellent condition.
Check-in with Falls Church, VA municipal services to see how these rules might affect you.