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Popular Plumbing Myths Debunked

Arlington PlumberMany of you may have come across several myths surrounding the plumbing industry. However, some of them such as these listed below are to be avoided at all costs.

Liquid Cleaning Products are the Best for Your Pipes

Most drainages clogs are due to a slow build-up of organic debris on the inside walls of drainpipes. Most drain cleaning products as such can push the clog through the pipes and remove the blockage.
However, the problem with these products is that they can cause damage to the interior of your pipes if you choose to use them regularly.
Some drain cleaners can burn a hole right through the pipes, resulting in an extremely expensive clean up. The most efficient method to clear a clogged drain is to call a plumber and have it snaked. This will unclog the pipes and they will stay clear for longer.

Lemons and Water Works are Drainage Cleaners

A lemon slice or two can help eliminate odors, though they don’t do any cleaning. Find out the kind of maintenance suitable for your disposal needs to keep it running in peak form.
Water cannot prevent clogging. If you dispose of anything that the disposal isn’t made to handle, or if you overload it at once, running water may not prevent a clogging or other damage.
While it may seem harmless, and better for your drains then other cleaning products this practice causes the metal inside your disposal to corrode due to the acid from the lemons. This is just a myth that causes more harm than good.

Unless your Pipes are Clogged Forget About Them

Arlington Plumbing-MythsThe water draining at the moment does not mean you won’t require plumbing services. Debris like shampoo and hair in the bathroom or food in the kitchen sink can accumulate till the water stops draining and starts backing up,
Always practice good drain hygiene by using a trap to catch any solids, and have your system inspected yearly to make sure there isn’t a big issue around the corner.
You can also ask your plumber about maintenance products that will help keep your drains clear without damaging pipes.
When you have a major plumbing issue and require help immediately, one can be tempted to hire any plumber.
If you trust your pipes to an inexperienced novice, you could find yourself spending a lot of money while the problem persists or worsens. It is prudent to get a certified plumber to check and repair all your drainage problems.

Don’t let the myths get to you in your Arlington home. Call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280 today, and overcome these plumbing myths!