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Celebrate Independence Day With Independence From Clogged Sinks

Summertime should be all about relaxation and recreation. Dinner parties and backyard cookouts can be great activities to hang out with friends and blow off some steam. However, with summer cookouts comes greater stress on the home’s plumbing system. Dealing with food waste from many extra guests can tax the drains on outdoor prep sinks and kitchens. 

To prevent problems from occurring, these local plumbers offer advice about keeping drains from clogging. Whether good drain hygiene practices are needed or a new garbage disposal installation is necessary, there are many solutions to prevent drain problems over the summer. 

Discard Food in the Garbage

drainFor homes without a garbage disposal, throwing food away in the trash is the best option. Even in homes that have working garbage disposals, discarding food in the garbage is best. Many misconceptions exist about garbage disposals, the main one being that they handle all food waste. 

In reality, a garbage disposal is used to grind up food scraps that are rinsed off of dishes after the food is removed. Food waste has a nasty habit of building up in P traps and depositing on the sides of walls of pipes and leading to clogs. 

Some of the worst offenders of drain clogs, with or without a garbage disposal are:

  • Potato skins
  • Onion skins
  • Coffee ground
  • Fats and oils

Keep Grease Out of the Drain

Since fats and oils are huge contributors to sink clogs, they must be thrown away in the trash. When liquid cooking grease and oil cool, they tend to solidify back into lard or solid grease. If they are dumped down the sink when they are hot, the water they are rinsed down with will quickly cool them and allow them to form a sticky layer on the inside of drain pipes. 

Some good habits to get into regarding kitchen grease are:

  • Save grease in a can for later use or discard in a bottle or can once they have cooled down
  • Rinse and wash greasy dishes and cookware with plenty of dish soap and hot water
  • Always run the garbage disposal when draining a sink full of dirty dishwater

Install or Repair the Garbage Disposal 

garbage disposal

Garbage disposals were designed specifically to prevent food waste from forming clogs in the sink. Therefore, it is good to install one if one isn’t already present or keep the one in service in good working order. Garbage disposals have specially designed blades and motors that quickly macerate food scraps that make it down the sink. They make up an intricate part of a kitchen drain system that drains the sink basin and usually a dishwasher. 

Garbage disposals don’t have to be limited to the kitchen. In outdoor cook areas, it is common to install an extra sink for food prep and cleanup. Such sinks would benefit from having the protection of a new garbage disposal. Local plumbers can help with the installation or repairs of all garbage disposals. 

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