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Keep a Modern Home With a Bathroom Update

As a society, we spent most of the year at home and indoors. This means that a lot of us are now bored with our homes and looking for different escapes. One of the easiest ways to feel brand new again is to update different areas of the home, particularly areas that are heavily used. Updating the bathroom is a great option for those wanting to start 2021 off with a bang! 

A new bathroom will keep the home fresh and the property value up, but it helps to enlighten the spirits, which everyone could use a little more of this year. Continue reading to learn about bathroom updates. 

The Different Sinks and Their Features

In 2021, it looks like the most popular bathroom sink trend is to get the circular vessel sink that sits on top of the counter or vanity. This is a sink design that feels quite luxurious in the home. Many of the sinks also feature a waterfall-like faucet to complete the atmosphere. 


Many homeowners are also going with hammered metal sinks like copper. Hammered copper makes for a great bathroom sink style, especially one on the home’s main floor, and gets used the most by guests. 

Other popular sinks and their features include: 

  • The long rectangular sink is long and shallow and sometimes featured with two faucets because the sink takes up so much space. It is a take on the his-and-hers bathroom concept but bringing it together with a conjoined sink style. 
  • The semi-recessed sink: This sink seems to be halfway hanging off of the counter it’s installed in. it gives it the feeling of a disappearing edge. Perhaps the best feature of this sink is that there is no counter between the person and the sink. This makes it easier for the person to wash their hands or face. 

Many homeowners are also getting naturally-cut rock vessels for sinks. In 2021, many trends are going back to the natural side of life with natural wood and raw crystals, and rocks like Onyx and Limestone. 

When To Replace a Toilet

When something gets used as much as a toilet does, there is a likely chance that the person will notice sooner rather than later when something is wrong with it. Still, this isn’t always the case. It helps to know some of the common signs that toilets present before it is time for a replacement

Some common signs it’s time to replace a toilet are: 

  • The toilet is old
  • It’s leaking from the bottom
  • There’s a crack in the tank
  • It doesn’t stop running water
  • It gets clogged frequently


Different Showers and Their Featurestub

Depending on the person, the shower is arguably the selling point of any bathroom. The homeowner must decide whether they want a conjoined shower and bathtub or two stand-alone pieces. 

Some popular showers for 2021 and their features are:

  • A complete control shower system: These are mainly just luxurious showerheads. Homeowners will install this color-changing, volume-controlled shower head with no doors and simply a drain to catch the water. Having a shower with no doors is perhaps the fastest growing trend for bathroom showers today. 
  • Frameless fixed-glass pane: This type of shower has one glass pane by the showerhead, with the other side open. The pane doesn’t move but is tinted or patterned for privacy. This is great for those that don’t have enough room in their bathroom for an open shower space. The glass keeps the water contained but doesn’t take much away from the open aspect. 


Call the Professionals at The Plumbing Dr

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