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How to Keep a Plumbing Mess from Ruining Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to thank those who add meaning to life and all those things that make modern life so good. But an otherwise happy holiday can turn around really quick if there’s a plumbing disaster. And since most people have guests over during this holiday, a plumbing issue that hasn’t been apparent is more likely to rear its ugly head. Here are some common issues and how to prevent them from ruining Thanksgiving. 

The Dreaded Clogged Toilettoilet

While the smell of food cooking is pleasant and, some would say, one of the best things about Thanksgiving, the smell of a clogged and overflowing toilet can have people running for the frigid outdoors. Toilet clogs are pretty common, and they’re usually easy to deal with using a plunger. But some clogs need a more powerful touch. 

Plumbers often use plumber’s snakes on tough clogs. These tools are flexible augers that can twist down the toilet drain and clear that clog. But there’s another type of tool that’s seeing more use these days, and that’s the hydro-jet. Hydro-jetting is sometimes preferable to a plumber’s snake because the tough spray of water from a hydro-jet is less likely to damage the toilet drain or any other pipe.

The Big Problem of a Blocked Sewer Line

A blocked sewer line is a big problem that can cause a home’s entire plumbing system to shut down — both bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing. This is because a sewer line clog happens deep in the plumbing system between the home’s plumbing and the municipal system that takes the home’s waste away. So a bad sewer line clog can cause sewage to back up into the house through the drains. 

This is a very unpleasant experience and can certainly ruin Thanksgiving swiftly and decidedly. Unfortunately, there’s not much the homeowners themselves can do about this. Sewer line repair requires the help of a professional plumbing service. These kinds of clogs can come from pipe damage, roots, or even things like grease that those in the home put down the drain that gets stuck in the sewer line. 

Be Thankful for Preventative Maintenanceplumber

The best way to ward off these kinds of plumbing is preventative maintenance. Mainly, this consists of drain cleaning services, but there are other indications that plumbers look for. They can also give homeowners tips on how to keep their plumbing system healthy to prevent drain clogs. They can fix leaks, inspect exposed pipes for leaks, and clean slow drains to prevent clogs from building up. A once or twice yearly maintenance plan can make sure that special occasions like Thanksgiving go smoothly without a plumbing emergency. 

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