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The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Arlington PlumberThe bathroom is typically the last room in any home to be remodeled and this is due to the excessive costs associated with the project.

However, these days homeowners, landlords, and property managers alike have endless opportunities to upgrade their bathrooms with very little expense.

Just like any other industry bathroom upgrades and remodeling has trends, and these are the top five guaranteed to make your bathroom look fresh while saving you money.

Attention to Detail

It is always in the small details and bathroom fixtures are no exception. This is why installing a new faucet can automatically give your bathroom a mini facelift. Faucets range in price from ten dollars to 500, sometimes ever more, this is because there are so many options.

High arch faucets are a bathroom trend that takes minimal effort and just a quick run to your local hardware store. These faucets are timeless and modern – automatically providing any bathroom with an automatic upgrade.

Cabinet Trends

The term “medicine cabinet” just sounds boring, so it is no wonder upgrading these small spaces is a current trend. Bathroom cabinets are central to any bathroom and provide an opportunity to show your guests just how trendy you are.

These days companies even offer Cool Cabinets, they are exactly what they sound like. These cabinets maintain a cool temperature to keep particular products cool and they look nice too.

The Smart Shower

Smart showers are a trend that is sure to stick around; this is because they save water and lots of it. Smart showers have built-in technology that allows them to recognize the size and speed of water droplets, not only providing an environmentally friendly shower, but a smaller water bill as well.

Arlington Bathroom-TrendsNot all trends are linked to appliances, using natural Earth tones in bathroom décor is a huge trend right now. This is due to the peaceful and calming affect these tones offer. Not only that, but the colors are easy to mix and match and they never go out of style.

Glass Tile

Lastly and the largest trend of all is glass tile. Tile has been used in bathrooms for decades, but never has it been this beautiful. Glass tile provides bathrooms with modern, timeless, and personal touches.

There is literally nothing you cannot do with tile. It is not made in such a way that it can be used on walls, floors, in the shower, or as a backsplash for the sink and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Keep up with the latest trends for your Arlington bathroom. Call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280 today and see what you can do.