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Thank Mom for the Lessons She Taught on Mother’s Day

One of the most special days just happened – Mother’s Day. How did you spend it? Whether you are a mom or you’re married to the mother of your children, you should remember all of the things that mothers do for us.

They cook delicious meals, take care of the children when they’re sick, and give up a lot. While you always have your fair share of fights, in many cases, those things you were annoyed about were actually lessons, plumbing system lessons!

Unfortunately, you likely won’t realize it until you’re an adult. But if you need help identifying these hidden lessons, read on!

Her Always Asking, “Did You Wipe the Glassware?”

wipeglassThis is one of those things that made everyone frustrated. You swore that you wiped the glassware well.

They spent hours at the sink trying to make the glasses sparkle. But there were still a lot of spots. How annoying!

While it could have been your lack of technique, there’s a good chance that your parents had hard water, which is why the glasses don’t look as clean as they could. A water softener can help with this!

It breaks down the harmful minerals that leave these deposits on your glasses and protects your plumbing in the process. So now, as an adult, you won’t have to worry about extra cleaning to get your dishes sparkling.

Mom Saying, “Why Are You in The Bathroom So Long?”

longshowerThis was a big problem with teenage girls. They often would take long hot showers, or they’d even fill up the bathtub and relax in it.
Not only can this wreak havoc on the water bill because things can get really expensive if they have to pay for their water, but it also can make their pipes have a shorter lifespan.

The more water, soap, and other chemicals pass through your plumbing, the quicker it deteriorates. While your mom likely wanted your help again, hence the rushing, she might have actually been protecting her plumbing too.

Mom Talking About Them Collecting Water on Little House

collectwaterOne of the most popular series of the 70s and 80s was Little House on the Prairie. If you grew up during that time, you probably watched it with your mom and saw Laura or Mary, or Ma going to the creek and collecting water to use for cooking and bathing.

Fortunately, with indoor plumbing, that is no longer needed. However, collecting water, even in these modern times, is a good idea. You can use it for watering flowers or grass, washing your car, or even filling up the wading pool. Collecting rainwater is a great way to help the earth and save money!

From The Plumbing Dr, we ask, why not do something special for your mom or your wife (even if you missed it)? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, get her some flowers, or even just call her and tell her how much you appreciate all that she has done for you.

Everything she did out of love and to help you get ready for being a grown-up. Even though it might seem like she was nagging you, she was only doing her best. Think about it, and you’ll see that she was right. Mothers are awesome people, and we should celebrate them every day.