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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

Arlington HydrojettingProfessional plumbing companies use a process called hydrojetting to clear our slow moving or clogged sewer lines. The way the process works is the plumbing contractor will blast water at extreme high pressure through their equipment, basically removing any contaminants the water comes in contact with. because the water can reach as high as 4000 psi, it is an efficient tool at clearing the lines in the least amount of time.
Benefits of Hydrojetting Grease
Most restaurants will utilize the hydrojetting process of their local plumbing company to clear grease from the sewer lines. One of the reasons most restaurants prefer the plumbing company clear the lines this way is because no harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals are needed to restore the flow. The high pressure of the water is released at such a high velocity that nothing can cling to the inside of the sewer after being blasted. The grease can often harden if not cleaned regularly, leading to a blockage, then a backup into the restaurant. The hydrojetting will clear the hardened grease easily and restore the flow once again.
Hydrojetting Tree Roots
When you are having trouble with a sewer line at your home, the first thing the plumbing professionals will do is utilize a small video camera that travels inside the line to pinpoint where the trouble is. Chances are if you have trees on the property that a root could have found its way into the sewer pipe through the connections or seams in the line. This is a difficult project, usually requiring the line to be dug up, cut, and replaced. With hydrojetting, cutting through those tree roots from inside the sewer line is easy work. The high pressure of the water cuts through the root like a hot knife through butter.
Hydrojetting Assorted Types of Debris
Arlington PlumberResidential sewer lines can also become clogged from several other types of contaminants. Things like scale, silt, sand, and hair can easily clog up a sewer line over the years. The hydro jetting will remove all of those particles without having to use harsh and toxic chemicals to do the job. A power snake might punch a small hole through the debris, no where as effective as a high pressure blast of water. Older pipes that have accumulated years of contaminants can greatly benefit from the hydrojetting because it will extend the life of the pipe even further.
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