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Annual Maintenance on Fixtures

The water faucets and fixtures in your Arlington home are used numerous times a day, and they may be used for such important functions as bathing, washing your hands, cooking, cleaning and more.
Arlington, VA Faucets-and-Fixtures-MaintenanceMany homeowners will not take preventative maintenance steps to keep these important features in great condition.
Instead, they will simply repair or replace them when an issue arises. However, there are a few good reasons why maintenance on your Arlington home’s faucets and fixtures is important.
By learning more about the maintenance steps you can take, you will understand their importance.

Removing Signs of Hard Water

If your home has hard water, chances are that the calcium and other minerals in the water are accumulating in your faucets and other plumbing features.
This matter can cause a wide range of repair issues, and it can easily be removed with preventative maintenance. Simply soaking the aerators in vinegar or another agent that will dissolve the debris will prevent repair issues related to hard water from developing.

Tightening Screws and Bolts

Some leaking faucets are caused by loose screws or bolts. Many homeowners will simply overlook a slow drip until it becomes truly problematic, but even a slow drip can cause a costly waste of water.
Taking time to tighten the screws or bolts periodically will prevent this type of issue from developing and can help you to save money on water waste and plumbing repair bills.

Replacing Worn Parts

In many cases, homeowners who follow a few preventative maintenance steps with their plumbing features will notice that some parts are wearing out and may require replacement soon.
If you wait until the parts completely wear out, a plumbing repair issue can develop. These can be costly, and some may even result in property damage. Identifying and replacing worn parts is a great way to head off potential issues that could wreak havoc on your home.
While you could perform plumbing maintenance service on your own, a better idea is to let a plumber do the work for you. A plumber will have all of the parts, tools and supplies needed to get the work done quickly and will give you professional results.
When you set up service for a plumber to maintain your faucets, you can also schedule snaking and other plumbing services. This is a great way to reduce the likelihood of repair issues in your home and can also reduce the chance that you have to deal with plumbing system downtime.

If you haven’t had your Arlington, VA plumbing system checked out, there’s no better time than now to call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280!