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How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

A water heater is a major home appliance in your Arlington home, but is often installed and forgotten until the hot water runs out. While some homeowners understand that water heaters need draining, many others have no idea of the importance of this routine maintenance.
Unfortunately, without it, a water heater may not work as well or last as long.

Arlington, VA water-heater-servicesWhy Drain

When water flows out of the water heater, sediment remains. It leads to clogged pipes, reduces energy efficiency and forces the tank to work harder, which ends up costing homeowners more in energy bills.
Draining the tank removes the sediment, which means the tank works the way it should.

How to Drain

Draining a water tank starts with turning off the power or gas and the cold water valve. One end of a hose is attached to the tank’s drain valve, and the other end is placed outside on the ground.
Both the drain valve and pressure relief valve are opened, allowing water to empty from the tank.
Afterwards, the cold water value is turned back on so clean water enters the tank and rinses away any leftover sediment. Then, the hose is removed, the drain and pressure relief valves are closed, and the tank refills. Finally, power or gas is restarted.

How Often

Opinions vary on the frequency of draining a water heater. Some recommend once a year, and others recommend once every two years. Some recommendations say drain the tank twice a year, but it is best to check the water heater manual for a manufacturer suggestion.

Professional Helpers

Taking on plumbing as a DIY project is always risky. Unless a Arlington homeowner has plumbing skills and knowledge, there is an increased chance of making mistakes and making a problem worse.
While it might seem like a less expensive way to take care of some routine maintenance, draining a water heater is often more complicated than the average homeowner realizes. If there is a mistake, it could become quite costly. No homeowners wants to pay than necessary to keep their house running smoothly.
When it comes to plumbing, let the professionals handle it. Call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280 for a consultation now in your Arlington, VA home.