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Why Does a Drain Clog?


Arlington PlumberHow Can I Keep This From Happening?
Drain clogs are an inevitable part of life, but with the help of professional plumbers cleaning maintenance , you can prevent some of the major reasons that drains tend to clog so frequently. Knowing the main causes of drain obstructions can help prevent frequent calls to a plumber, yet it is still good practice to have a professional hydro jet session to completely clear your drain and pipes 100 per cent.
Drains clog because of particles that get washed down such as food, grease, hair, soap and paper. There are some simple steps you can take to lessen the frequency of build-up from these particles.
Hair is probably one of the number one causes of clogging in bath tub or shower drains, along with soap scum. The body naturally sheds hair and the soaps and shampoos that rinses off as we wash clings to the hair we shed. There are special hair catchers that you can add to your drain that prevent the hair from going down the drain, and you can simply wipe it away after your shower and throw the excess hair in the trash bin.
Particles of food and grease can clog drains. If you cook meat, drain off the juices into a wax milk carton or a tin can and when it cools dispose of it in the trash. Use a stopper that has a strainer in your kitchen sinks to catch particles of food and when you do your dishes let the strainers catch the large particles of food and dispose of it into your trash bin.
Run hot water down your drain after doing dishes, or clean your drains weekly by pouring some baking soda and vinegar down the drain. This is less harsh than lye based chemical drain cleaners. Once every year to six months, have a professional come out to clean your drains by hydro jetting.
Drain CleaningPaper
Toilet paper is probably about the only safe paper product you can flush down the toilet, despite the fact that some of those feminine, toddler and infant wipes claim they are flushable. Even toilet paper can cause a clog if too much is used at once.
Some people flush paper towels or personal hygiene products down toilets, and this is damaging to the drain system and the main cause of blockages in public restrooms. Business owners should post signs reminding customers not to flush anything but toilet paper down the drains.

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