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Summer Plumbing Tips

Arlington PlumberIt might not occur to many people to properly maintain their plumbing systems during the summer months. There is a lot of attention given to the important of winter maintenance, but summer comes with a host of different yet equally important issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure optimum usage of a plumbing system.
Summer is a very social season, which means that it is a time when many people host barbecues, birthday parties, and dinner events in their homes.
Having a large number of people utilizing their host’s plumbing can put a drain on the system in more ways than one.

Less Is More

For instance, it is very likely that someone will spill a drink on their clothes throughout the course of the get-together and will use the washer to clean it. This might not seem like it would make a significant impact, but it certainly can when used in conjunction with the kitchen sink, dishwasher, bathroom sinks, toilets, or shower.
It’s very likely that more than two water sources are being used at any given time during a house party. If at all possible, find ways to prevent this, such as refraining from running the dishwasher until all guests are finished using the restroom.

Disposing of Leftovers

Cooking for a large number of people requires a lot of food, which means a lot of spare trimmings and pieces that need to be thrown away. Whatever isn’t used needs to be thrown away in the garbage can and not shoved down the garbage disposal.
Putting too much food down the disposal at once can cause a drain blockage. There are certain kinds of food that can especially block or damage your system if put down the disposal, such as raw vegetables or anything containing grease.

Proper System Maintenance

Arlington Summer-Plumbing-TipsIt’s important to have a professional plumber regularly check a system for problems beyond the owner’s control. They are the only ones trained to detect system problems and come up with the best course of action, so investing in regular checkups from a local plumber can go a long way in saving money in repairs down the line.
One common appliance that needs repairs is the washing machine. The hoses on washing machines are fragile, so any wear from age or damage to them can cause leaks and even flooding. To avoid wasting water, regularly check the hose on the machine to make sure there isn’t any damage.
Leaks are a common problem during the summer. Pipes and faucets that aren’t properly maintained are at a higher risk of developing leaks than ones that are maintained.
Small leaks don’t usually negatively impact a plumbing system, but they can wind up costing the home owner a lot of money in wasted water. Regularly check for leaks in the home to avoid unexpected problems with the pipes later.

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