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Top Tips For Solving Your Leaking Toilet Issue

One of the most used fixtures in your home is the toilet. So when it’s struggling to flush properly, it’s always going to be a cause for concern. Does your toilet sound like it’s running even when you haven’t used it?
Is it taking longer than usual to refill after a flush? These are common toilet issues many homeowners deal with, and they’re generally categorized as leaking toilets.
Whether the leak is behind the toilet itself or further down in the sewer lines, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of how your toilet works, so you can get faster plumbing solutions and restore your bathroom to perfect working order.

What is a Toilet Flapper?

flapperAlthough plumbing may seem complex, the system behind a flushing a toilet is relatively simple. When you press down on the toilet handle to flush, this level is connected to the flapper, which opens and empties the contents of that holding tank into your toilet.
The pressure of the water flowing down and through your toilet is what pushes waste out and into your sewer lines. Flappers generally come in rubber or plastic models and are essentially caps that sit over the runoff pipe that leads from the tank into your toilet.
They create a tight seal that prevents water from flowing through, which is often the cause fo your leaking. When the flapper is compromised, old, or has a crack, it will allow water to constantly flow into your toilet.
This leads to the sound of running water and also reduces the chance that your tank will fill completely. If this is the case, flappers can easily be replaced and upgraded with a newer system that will restore your toilet to working order.

Causes of a Running Toilet

runningtoiletIf you’ve inspected your flapper assembly and it seems to be working properly, what else could be to blame?
Generally, these toilet issues will run down to one of two problems – a problem with your sewer lines or a damaged supply line.
The supply valve for your toilet is the metal valve that is often found behind your toilet. If it’s damaged or leaking water it will restrict the flow into your toilet, and also lead to possible water damage. Similarly, your sewer lines are responsible for removing waste.
If there is a leak in those lines it could have your plumbing running continuously even when the toilet is not in use. Unlike the flapper, which can easily be replaced, sewer line leaky pipe issues should always be left to a professional plumber.

Prevent Leaks With Regular Maintenance

maintainThe best way to keep your toilet in top working order is with professional maintenance solutions.
Toilet maintenance can include simple steps like regular inspections and cleanings, or something on a larger scale like a flapper assembly replacement.
While not everyone wants to replace their assembly, it’s actually a good chance to upgrade your bathroom.
Whether you install a high-pressure flusher, dual-setting flush mechanics, or simply a newer float, you could be improving the performance in your bathroom.
At The Plumbing Dr, we are your Fall Church plumbing company of choice. We expertly diagnose leaking toilet issues, and can find you a top-quality solution in no time!