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Are your bathroom fixtures looking old and outdated, and you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom fixtures? If so, there are several ways to go about making your bathroom fixtures look more modern. Some of the ways to update your bathroom fixtures include adding a different bathroom faucet, adding new lighting or changing the bathroom accessories.
New Tile
Replace the vinyl tub liner, and add travertine tile in the shower as this will give the bathroom a more expensive look. If you do not want to invest in travertine tile, consider hiring a professional tile refinisher to refinish your old bathroom tiles. Since, this might be a less expensive option than using travertine tile. Of course, the cost depends on your geographic location and other factors.
Bathroom Mirror
A plain bathroom mirror can be updated easily even for an inexperience do-it-yourselfer. Since, you can simple buy some molding at your neighborhood home center and add it to the mirror. If you hate the thought of mitering the corners, simple buy decorative wood pieces such as rosettes and glue to the corner of the mirror.
When it comes to faucets, the choice selection can be overwhelming because of the vast array of choices available. Thus, it is a good idea to determine the look you want to achieve in advance, as this makes it easier to make your selection. One popular choice to consider includes solid brass for its longevity and ease of maintenance. It can also withstand corrosion cause by hard water stains. Before you choose your faucet, check to see if the faucet manufacturer has a lifetime warranty. The best faucet selection is one that looks good, is affordable and a lifetime warranty.
Inexpensive Accessories
Add new lighting fixtures in either brushed steel or bronze for a contemporary modern design. When you change the lighting also change out the towel racks and the vanity knobs, these small changes do not cost much, but the impact they provide is tremendous. Add floating shelves to the bathroom to get more storage and keep your bathroom clutter free is also another option.