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Make 2018 a Year of Saving Money with these Water Bill Reducing Tips

The best way to cut your water bill costs in 2018 is to practice water conservation and recycle water whenever it is practical for you.
Every time you reduce your water consumption, delay your use of or even abstain from using water at all you are saving money.
While you are doing this, you are also helping to reduce the pollution and depletion of natural water resources as well.

Tip 1 – Check Your Pipes, Sprinklers and Toilet Tank for Leaks

Water LeakOne of the first indications that your pipes have sprung a leak is the smell of mold or mildew, especially if it seems to be coming from behind a wall or the basement.
Outdoor sprinklers are also notorious for leaking water, and so are all faucets. However, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to expensive leaks is a leaking toilet tank. Water from the tank leaks into the toilet and help you rack up a huge water bill. Whenever this happens, it is imperative to call for expert plumbing services.

Tip 2 – Always Wash Your Car at the Carwash

Car WashDon’t waste your money on a large volume of city water by washing your car at home. Instead, drive it through the automated car wash which uses much less water and helps save the environment.
Many car washes use recycled water to clean cars, and the greywater is also used to rinse cars again and again. This is much less expensive than paying high prices on your water bill for hundreds of gallons of water from your garden faucet.

Tip 3 – Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

ShowerMinimize your water use by taking a shower instead of a bath. Having your plumber install a low-flow showerhead as this can reduce the amount of water you use in the shower by 30%.
Don’t fear that you won’t be as clean as you were when you were using a regular showerhead because today’s low-flow fixtures do a good job of mixing the water with air so you can save on your water-use without reducing the water pressure.

Tip 4 – Install Hoses to Funnel Greywater to Your Garden

Water PlantsIf you truly want to save water then it is worth it to have a plumber install hoses that help direct wastewater from washing, called greywater into your garden.
You can also mix this slightly dirty or soapy water, from your dishwasher or washing water with water that you have collected in rain barrels.
Finally, make an effort to make sure that everyone who lives in your home understands how to conserve water and that they stick to the rules that you have set out. If necessary, post signs in your home that remind people not to waste water. It is also an excellent idea to meet with your neighbors in Falls Church, VA to see if you can organize community initiatives together for recycling and conserving water as a group.