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Why Saving Water For Summer Is Key

If you opened up your water bill to discover that it’s too high and a lot more than you remembered in the past, then water conservation should be the first thing in the front of your mind. You may not even understand why your water bill has gotten so high, but what happens when it becomes summertime, and you have to use the water more often?
conserve-waterIf your bill is already high before the summertime comes, then you can bet that you may have a higher water bill in the summer unless you plan on leaving your home for the summer to go and stay somewhere else.
Many people anticipate higher usage of their water in the summer, and they may save up for it by conserving water beforehand because they know they’ll need a lot more water to use in the summer. Those who have a specific budget for their water bill may even try their best to lower their water bill in winter months, so they can use more water in the summer months and still meet their water budget. If you’re concerned about your water bill, then ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you use water in the home?
  • How often do you use water in the home?
  • Do you waste water unnecessarily?
  • Does your home have any leaks?

Water Usage Within Your Home

This is very important because you need to know exactly how you’re using water in your home. Do you water the plants and the lawn? Do you wash dishes every day? Do you take a shower or a bath? Once you ask yourself these questions and determine how you’re using water in your home, then you’ll figure out why your water bill has gone up.
world-water-conservationIf necessary, take a list of all the things you do with your water throughout the day, including cleaning, washing clothes, showering, flushing the toilets and more. If you determine that your water is being regularly used, but the bill is still higher than normal, then there may be something else going on other than regular water usage in your home.

Frequent Usage of Water in Your Home

Not only do you need to know how your water is used in the home but also how often it’s used. If you know that your toilets are flushed at least ten times a day, then use this to calculate the water you’re using daily. You should also know how often everyone in the home takes a shower and for how long, which could also help to determine the amount of water usage.
Even though you may see a water bill that tells you how many gallons are used in your home, you may have a tougher time determining how many gallons are used per day unless you start doing some calculations of your own. How water is used as well as how frequently it’s used is important to determine why your water bill has gone up.

Water Waste in Your Home

If you know that you’re running the water while you’re rinsing the dishes, then you’re already wasting several gallons of water by that single act. There are other ways you can waste water too, such as brushing your teeth while leaving the water running, and running the water for excessive periods of time while running the garbage disposal unit. If you know that you’re wasting water, calculate the wasted water into your total tabulation of the water you’re using as well, especially if you want to start conserving more water.

Leaks Can Become a Hazard

Another thing to consider is to check for leaks because these can have a serious effect on your water usage. If you’ve been away from home most of the month or the entire month but still have a significantly high water bill, then this should tell you that there is a leak or several leaks within your home. Even if you’ve been at home the whole month but used the water sparingly, then a leak should always be suspected because it’s the likely culprit when water usage is too high in your home.

Saving Water Can Be Simple

Your first chance to cut water waste is by saving water in any way possible, which can be done by doing the following:

  • rain-barrel-collection-systemCheck for any irrigation system leaks
  • Make sure plumbing in the home isn’t too old and leaking
  • Winterproof your pipes to avoid leaks
  • Examine your watering methods for plants and grass
  • Replace toilets in the home with low flow toilets
  • Turn off the faucet if the water currently isn’t being used
  • Have a plumber teach you water saving methods for your home
  • Check outdoor pipes and faucets for leaks
  • Monitor showers and minimize them if possible

If you think of a few ways to save water around your home, then you can see your bill drop dramatically, and when the summertime comes, you can use your water as much as you need to.
You can choose to use water sparingly throughout the year, so you can do the fun things you want with your water in the summertime, such as filling up a new pool for everyone to enjoy. Don’t let your water bill discourage you, simply think of creative ways to save water around the home.

Be Sure Your Home Is Free Of All Leaks

You should never ignore leaks, even if it’s a leaky faucet that drips once every second because this can leak several gallons of water each day, even if it doesn’t appear to be much.
Allow your plumber to install new fixtures if necessary as well as replacing old plumbing, and you can dramatically see your water waste decline, and you will have water conservation in your home under your full control.
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