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5 Home Winterization Tips

Winter is approaching with possibilities of freezing cold weather, which can cause problems to Arlington homes and pipes. Protect your home this season by taking the necessary precautions to eliminate costly repairs.
Arlington, VA Winterization Tip ServicesPreventive winterization is the preeminent solution to reduce costs pertaining to repairs and utility bills.
The purpose of winterizing a house is to remove water within the pipes that can burst and cause extreme damages. There are plenty of tips to winterize houses and of course, benefits.
Arlington homeowners should be concerned about protecting water pipes and meters from bursting and linkage. Consumers can perform inspections or hire a professional and licensed plumber.
Most homeowners hire an expert to inspect windows, basements, chimneys, attics, doors, hot water heaters, pipes, and water meters. Before winter arrives, ensure your family and home is protected from freezing and treacherous weather.

Important Tips for Home Winterization

  1. Inspect doors and windows to identify cracks and openings that allow air to enter the home.
  2. Insulate pipes, windows, attics and meters for additional protection.
  3. Turn off the main water supply to faucets outdoors and remove hoses if you are going to be away from home for an extended period during the winter.
  4. If possible, install storm windows or cover the inside of windows with heavy duty plastic.
  5. During freezing temperatures, allow the faucets to drip slowly to prevent bursting pipes.

Benefits of Winterizing Your Home

The primary benefit of home winterization is to protect the home from pipe damages and linkage. Bursting pipes and expensive water and electricity bills can all be avoided by taking preventive winterizing precaution.
Pipes should be inspected yearly to detect water linkage inside the house and outside. A licensed plumber possesses the appropriate equipment to inspect piping for possible water linkage.

Ways to Save Money during Winter Months

There are many ways homeowners can save money during the winter months. Insulation of windows and the attic helps keep warm air inside the home.
Cold air escapes through windows, door openings, attics, and basements. That is why insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping are necessary to keep the home warm inside and block the cold air.
If your home has a chimney, close the vent to block cold drafts or use a balloon cover. Make sure the vent is open when the fireplace is in use.
Winter is almost upon us in the Arlington, VA area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280 today!