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Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

Deciding to do a bathroom remodel can not only add sparkle and life to a utilitarian room, but can also add value to your home. There are several things to consider before starting a remodel, from the design elements to the more practical budgetary process.
Is the only bathroom in your home the one being remodeled? If so, you will want to think about how your life is going to have to change to accommodate the renovation. Depending on how big the remodel job, your bathroom could be out of order for up to two weeks.
If you only have one bathroom but a lot of people living in your home, you will certainly have to be conscientious about scheduling for bathroom time.
Who is this bathroom for? Is it for the kids, for the master bedroom or the guest bathroom? Depending on who the bathroom is for, you will likely want to personalize the room to the tastes of the intended users. A jetted tub in a master bedroom, for example, would be a great addition, whereas a child’s bathroom may only need to be re-tiled or decorated in a fun-like way. These considerations will help guide you in the design of the space.
How much do you want to spend? When deciding to remodel, find a designer you trust and then be up front about how much you can spend. A realistic budget not only helps you but also gives parameters to the designer. Being unrealistic about your budget can end putting your remodel behind schedule and you in the red.
Do you want to have fun? Enjoy planning for the remodel by looking at magazines, books and websites that show bathrooms the way that you have in mind and then take those ideas to a designer. When you find a designer, express your own ideas as well. Armed with design images and your imagination, a designer can put together your design with a budget that works for you.
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