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Water heaters, like every other household appliance, has the potential to malfunction. Practicing a regular maintenance routine can help ensure your unit operates up to par all year round. It also imperative to recognize the signs of trouble so that you may acquire professional services and prevent small issues from escalating.

The Plumbing Dr has a professional team of plumbers ready to assist you with your Arlington water heater repair and installation services. Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced to handle all types of water heater problems, no matter the make or model.

The exact cause of water heater problem can only be discussed after understanding the exact nature of the problem. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; call for a consultation today.

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What Can Cause Water Heater Trouble?

Generally, water heaters tend to be reliable. However, you can still encounter some problems with the water heater. The problems along with possible causes are as follows:

  • If the unit does not produce hot water, it could be due to faulty gas thermocouple, gas pilot, or gas pilot control valve.
  • Inadequate hot water could be due to the unit being too small, damaged or broken dip tube, improper installation, or gas control or supply issues.
  • Seeing rusty water could signal corrosion within tank or sacrificial anode rod fails to function properly.
  • If you smell a rotten egg smell, there is likely  buildup of bacteria in tank due to decay of sacrificial anode rod.
  • Low popping noise is the sound of boiling water. Owing to buildup of particles in tank bottom, tank is overheating, causing the water to boil.
  • Water leaks can be caused by faulty relief valve; valve leaks due to overheating or excessive pressure; leak from nearby plumbing connection or water tank due to corrosion.

How Long Do Units Typically Last?

The average water heater lasts more than 10 years but it depends largely on the quality of water in your area as well as the quality of the water heater. Hard water, known to carry a lot of minerals, can reduce the lifespan of a unit. Tankless water heaters are known to last even longer than tank-type water heater. A tankless water heater generally lasts more than 20 years.

When Should You Replace Your Unit?

Water heaters are known to consume a lot of energy. An old water heater can increase your monthly bills. As such, it is important for homeowners to determine if replacing the water heater will enable them to save on the monthly bills.

Generally, if it is an electric water heater, you should consider replacing it. A gas model will instantly realize up to 50% energy savings compared to the electric model. If you are already have a gas water heater, then you should consider the performance of the unit. Generally, water heaters have a long life span, but they may continue to perform at reduced efficiency. A good indication is your monthly power bill. If you notice the bills rising steadily, you should get a professional technician inspect the water heater and advise the best course of action.

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How Can You Avoid Problems in the Future?

There are several ways to avoid water heater problems in the future:

  • Lower the water heater temperature to reduce buildup of scale and lime in the water heater.
  • Install a water softener to treat hard water that damages the water heater and shortens its lifespan.
  • Replace the anode rod if it has deteriorated.
  • Replace the water heater. Consult a certified plumbing professional before resorting to this option.

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