Gas Line Repair & Installation Services in Arlington, VA

Are you smelling a foul, odd odor in your home? That is a sign of a gas line leak which is considered a plumbing emergency! No matter the day or time, The Plumbing Dr is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (703) 525-9280 and we will dispatch a tech out to you immediately.

Many homeowners and building managers do not know the protocol for potential gas line breakage. It is important to know what to do in the event of a gas leak to limit exposure to toxic fumes. If you do suspect a gas leak or gas line trouble, call The Plumbing Dr. We have the tools and expertise to conduct all of your Arlington gas line services.  We promise to perform the job with precision and speed; no job is complete until you’re 100% satisfied.

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Gas Line Installation & Repair

Detecting a Gas Leak:

If there is a leak in the gas line, you will detect it in 3 ways: the rotten-egg smell, damaged connections in gas appliances, and hissing sounds. While natural gas is odorless, gas companies add a rotten-egg smell so that homes with a gas leak will be able to detect it. However, you should not rely solely on your nose as not everyone’s nose is sensitive to this smell. You will also see gas appliances have damaged connections due to an overabundance of gas. Lastly, a hissing sound near the gas line is a sure sign that there is a leak.

Signs You Need a Gas Line Repair or Replacement:

By paying attention to your gas line, you can prevent gas leaks from occurring. The first thing to watch for is dead or dying vegetation on your lawn. Because the gas line runs underground, a leak in that pipe will let gas escape upwards and kill any grass or other plants.

Secondly, underground pipes will sometimes become exposed following extreme weather or ground shifting. This leaves the pipe open to corrosion and damage from the elements. Exposed pipes should be examined for damage and reburied.

Third, you may notice dirt or debris flying around above a leak.  Lastly, fire or explosions close to the gas line can occur because the gas is so highly flammable. If any of these occur, it is time to repair or replace your gas line.

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Gas Leak Repair Services:

If there is a gas leak present, leave the property immediately. Do not flip any switches or light any matches on your way out as these can create a spark that could ignite the gas fumes. Once safely away from the building, call us right away to come out and repair your gas line.

This should be done as soon as possible for the safety of your home and your neighbors’ homes. Gas leaks have been known to cause explosions if left unrepaired. You may also want to call your gas provider to alert them of the leak.

If your gas line is in need of repair, or if you are experiencing a gas leak, call us right away for a consultation. Here at The Plumbing Dr  we have years of experience in the field and are trained and experienced to safely repair any broken gas lines. Call The Plumbing Dr at (703) 525-9280 for your consultation.