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Toilet Installation Repair Services in Arlington, Va

At every point of a homeowner’s life, they will come across problems with their toilet. Usually, the common issues with a toilet are clogs and running water; however, there will be times in which the problem is more severe. Fortunately, most problems can be easily repaired by a professional plumber.

When you find yourself tackling a toilet complication that just doesn’t go away on its own, call the experts at The Plumbing Dr. You can rest easy knowing that our team of technicians have years of extensive training and experience. We strive to provide quality workmanship with each service job. Our work is not complete until you’re 100% content with the service. Count on us to handle your Arlington toilet repair services.

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Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement:

There are easy ways to determine whether or not your toilet needs to be replaced. The signs to look for include:

  • A porcelain crack. Whether it’s in the tank or the bowl, a porcelain crack can’t just be fixed, and the toilet will need to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Extensive mineral deposits within the tank. Minerals found in most local water supplies tend to collect around openings such as the drain in your toilet tank. As your toilet gets older, the deposits can reduce tank flow and force you to flush multiple times.
  • You have an older toilet that constantly needs repairs.
  • You have recurring clogs.Some of the older low-flow toilets require you to flush multiple times while mineral deposits in other toilets can keep water from coming in.
  • The bowl is filled with scratches, which makes it harder to clean.

Professional Solutions to Repair Your Clogged Toilet

Plumbers like us will use something called a plumbing snake, a flexible auger designed to go into a toilet drain. It will go into the drain and push any obstructions out of the way. If it’s a hard obstruction, then we may have to remove the toilet and feed the snake in reverse.

We may also use a wet-dry vacuum to remove larger clogs. If these don’t work, then we’ll resort to drain-cleaning chemicals that can eliminate clogs within a few hours, but we can eliminate organic clogs caused by waste with a harmless enzyme product that will take about 12 hours to work. All of these will ensure that clogs are out of your toilet.

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Solutions to Avoid a Clogged Toilet Repair:

The easiest solution is to know what is and isn’t flushable. Facial tissues and paper towels don’t dissolve like toilet paper does. It is also unwise to flush liquids such as cooking oils into your toilet. You should only flush toilet paper and organic waste.

You can avoid clogs by not flushing large quantities of toilet paper at once as this will result in a large clog.

Another tip is not to place shelves above the tank lid. They may look nice, but objects can fall into the toilet and cause a clog to form.

Using lighter toilet paper is beneficial in avoiding clogs. Lighter sheets dissolves quicker than standard thick toilet paper while still keeping you clean. Finally, you should plunge your toilet if flushing starts to weaken or slow down. This usually means that a clog is starting to form.

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