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No one wants to spend thousands in unexpected plumbing repairs. Neglecting the plumbing on your property can result in high plumbing expenses when costly repairs are needed. Water heater services, drain cleaning, and gas line maintenance services can keep the property safe and preserve the value of the home.

When you need assistance with your plumbing, call The Plumbing Dr. We can perform inspections on all appliances, no matter the make or model. Along with every service job, maintenance tips and procedures will be explained to you so that your solutions are long-term ones. Our experienced and trained plumbers can also answer any question or concern you may have. Allow us to become your dependable Alexandria plumber today.

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Maintaining Your Water Heater

Annual water heater maintenance is important for long-term system reliability. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance that includes tank flushing, thorough system inspections, and testing that ensures the continued reliability of your water heater. A well-maintained system means less risk of unexpected breakdowns and better peace of mind for you!

What Are Some Signs That Your Home Needs a Professional Drain Cleaning?

Professional drain cleaning improves internal plumbing performance all around. There are several signs to look out for when determining whether or not professional drain cleaning is necessary. One sign is recurring clogs, which can result from excessive hair becoming lodged into the drains.

Another sign is slow drainage. Slow drainage eventually leads to clogging and can indicate significant buildup. Multiple clogged drains can be a nuisance and should be addressed immediately because this indicates that there is a significant amount of damage for a property.
Sewer odors are another sign that cleaning may be needed. Water flooding is considered a very serious problem that comes from clogging and can pose a health risk due to the accumulation of standing water.

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How Can You Tell If Your Gas Line Has an Issue?

Natural gas should be odorless in nature, so when there is an odor present, one should consider getting a gas line inspection.
Other signs that your gas line needs attention include:

  • A hissing noise: There should never be a hissing problem when working with gas appliances.
  • Aged lines: This can lead to leaking as seals and gaskets lose strength due to routine wear and tear.
  • Little heat: Whenever there appears to be too little heat, an obstruction may be the culprit, which can be addressed with a professional technician.
  • Visible damage: The lines can appear to be visibly twisted and dented. If the lines need to be repaired or replaced, a technician can make that determination.

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