Our Team

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Office Team

Dr. Bill - Head Surgeon


The Plumbing Dr, Inc., is owned and operated by William K. Bennett. Dr. Bill was born and raised in Northern Virginia, still lives and works in Falls Church. Over 30 years ago he decided to become a plumber, hoping to help homeowners solve their plumbing problems big or small. Gaining experience and expertise, he has been in the plumbing business for 36 years and operated his own business for over 25 years. His main focus is customer satisfaction

The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Tracy Bennett - Office


Tracy is also a native of Northern Va. and is the proud daughter of Dr. Bill. Tracy was previously an Asst. Office Manager with the company a few years back, and has recently returned to that position. Although her main background is in Education, she enjoys working in the Customer Service field assisting in scheduling, conflict resolution, and ensuring customer satisfaction . In her spare time, she enjoys playing softball and bowling.

The Plumbing Dr - Employee


Inventory and Fleet Assistant

Ken (Dr. Bill’s brother) is also originally from Arlington, Virginia and has resided in the Northern Virginia area for many years. He maintains a vast knowledge of Heating Oil Service and Inventory Control. Ken has recently become semi-retired as our previous Inventory and Fleet manager, and is enjoying his time as a part time assistant to Mike.

Kyle Harmon

Parts and Fleet Manager

Kyle has been in the plumbing field for a few years now and has worked for other companies dealing with material and stocking. Logistics is more of what he believeshe is good at! A behind the scenes guy! Kyle is newly married and hopes to start a family in the near future.


The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Dr. Daniel Aguilar


Daniel has been in the plumbing field for a few years and has been working hard toward his masters which he will receive this summer. He has been an apprentice, parts manager, and was quickly promoted to a technician for us. He is very detail oriented and strives to provide excellent customer service. Daniel is married with two children and has 3 dogs. He enjoys hiking with his family, and reading on his spare time.

The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Dr. Charlie Cox


Charlie is originally from New York and started out in the IT field manufacturing computers and circuit boards! He went to plumbing school and has now been a plumbing technician for 26 years! Charlie has been with our company for several years and is well known with our customers. In his spare time he enjoys racing bikes and kayaking.

The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Dr. Mike Leach


Mike is a native to the Fairfax, VA area. He has been a plumbing tech since 2005 and has been with our company for several years. He enjoys being able to give his customers piece of mind by providing options that will allow him to take care of their issues appropriately. Mike really enjoys the family environment here at The Plumbing Dr. When he is not working, he likes to spend time with his kids, playing video games, and watching Netflix.

The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Dr. Brandon Barden


Brandon is a 3rd generation plumber that has worked with his father and grandfatherpreviously. After working with them, Brandon went into The Marines and served 4 years! When he returned from his tour, he went to work for a remodeling company and then made his way home to The Plumbing Dr where he has been for a few yearsnow. Brandon is also a recently married man and enjoys spending time with his wife and pups, as well as being an outdoorsman!

Cornelius Williams

Cornelius has been a plumber since 1982 focusing on service and repair. He is new to our company and you will see him with our other technicians striving to learn the ropes. He will soon be ready to provide our customers with the same excellent service you experience from our other technicians! Cornelius has a great personality and loves to smile all the time!

Lloyd Harris

Plumber’s assistant

Lloyd has had many jobs over the years, but he truly believes that the plumbing industry is his passion. He comes from a family of plumbers including his grandfather, uncles, and cousins. Lloyd is a dedicated and hard working man and is a pleasure to chat with. He is grateful to have a family that is supportive and he believes that being kind is of utmost importance in life. Lloyd is a lover of animals and National Geographic shows. He also is a lifetime Redskins fan!

Harold Denton

Plumber’s assistant

Harold did flooring for many years but decided to try plumbing. He has discovered that this is what he loves and plans to continue to train and learn to become a technician. He really enjoys interacting with different people and problem solving. Harold believes hard work pays off. In his person time, he loves to spend time with his two little sons, fishing, and football... Go Redskins!