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Office Team

Dr. Bill - Head Surgeon of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Bill - Head Surgeon


The Plumbing Dr, Inc., is owned and operated by William K. Bennett. Dr. Bill was born and raised in Northern Virginia, still lives and works in Falls Church. Over 30 years ago he decided to become a plumber, hoping to help homeowners solve their plumbing problems big or small. Gaining experience and expertise, he has been in the plumbing business for 36 years and operated his own business for over 25 years. His main focus is customer satisfaction

The Plumbing Dr - Employee

Tracy Bennett - Office

Business manager

I have grown up in the plumbing industry, as I am the proud daughter of Dr. Bill! Although my main background is in Education, I enjoy working at assisting in scheduling, conflict resolution, and ensuring overall business practices are being conducted efficiently. I have been helping my father run the business since 2009, as well as while in school many years ago! I love spending quality time with my family and friends, listening to music, and fishing!

Kyle Harmon

Parts and Fleet Manager

I have been in the plumbing field for a few years now and have worked for other companies dealing with material and stocking. Logistics is more of what I believe I’m good at! A behind the scenes guy! I have been here at The Plumbing Dr since 2019. I am married and have a son and one on the way. That takes up a lot of my spare time!

Melody - Dispatch/ CSR of The Plumbing Dr.



I worked in customer service in the insurance industry since 1980. I wanted to make a change so I found my place here at The Plumbing Dr. in 2019. My passion is to ensure that my customers are well taken care of and feel I have made them a top priority. In my spare time a really enjoy some quiet time with a good book, and spending time with my daughter and grandpup!


Dr. Daniel - Technician of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Daniel


Dr. Daniel’s has been working in plumbing for 5 years now. He went to trade school and completed the 4 year program. Dr. Daniel’s has been with The Plumbing Dr. since 2017 working as a helper, parts manager and now plumber. He’s very detail oriented and strive to provide excellent customer service. Daniel is married with 3 children and has dogs, which he likes to go hiking with. Daniel also enjoys working out at the gym.

Dr. Charlie - Technician of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Charlie


I originally worked for IBM for about 14 yrs., then decided to go to tech school. After working for various plumbing companies, I finally found my home here at The Plumbing Dr. I have been here with The Plumbing Dr. since 2002 as a plumbing technician. I enjoy biking and kayaking the rivers in VA, PA, and NY.

Dr. Brandon - Technician of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Brandon


I am a 3rd generation plumber, learning from my grandfather. I have been lucky to work with The Plumbing Dr. since 2017. I enjoy helping prevent plumbing catastrophes from happening, and working with and improving mechanical systems. When not here I enjoy spending time with my wife and dogs! Looking forward to starting a family soon!

Dr. Harold - Technician of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Harold


I started out working in the flooring industry, but wanted to begin plumbing. I have been working with The Plumbing Dr since 2020, and really enjoy resolving customer’s problems. Drain cleaning is one of my favorite aspects of pluming. After work I love to go home and spend time with my wife and 2 boys. We play games together. I also love to fish and BBQ all kinds of stuff!

Dr. Cornelius - Plumber Assistant of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Cornelius

Plumber Assistant

I have been a plumber since 1982 focusing on service and repair work. I enjoy making customers happy with my bright smile and fun personality! I have been here at The Plumbing Dr since 2020. Outside of work I really like to fish and spend time with my family.

Dr. Lloyd - Plumber Assistant of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Lloyd

Plumber Assistant

I have had many jobs over the years, but I truly believe that the plumbing industry is his favorite.I comefrom a family of plumbers including my grandfather, uncles, and cousins. I have had the pleasure of working here at The Plumbing Dr since 2019 I believe that being kind is of utmost importance in life. I am a lover of animals and National Geographic shows.

Dr. Jake - Plumber Assistant of the Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Jake

Plumber Assistant

I am in my 4th year of trade school and plan to complete the program soon. I have only been with the Plumbing Dr for a short time, but feel I have found a forever job. When not working, I am with my family and dogs, or at the gym working out. I intend to buy a classic mustang hopefully soon!

Dr. Joe - Plumber Assistant of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Joe

Plumber Assistant

I recently started in the plumbing trade about 3 years ago. I came to The Plumbing Dr. in 2021. I plan to work towards getting my Journeyman soon. I really enjoy working out at the gym, playing video games, and watching MMA!

Dr. Marcelo - Plumber Assistant of The Plumbing Dr.

Dr. Marcelo

Plumber Assistant

I have been doing plumbing since 2012 and continue to learn a lot. I started with The Plumbing Dr. in 2021. I enjoy working on cars which I believe helps me in this trade. Taking things apart and fixing them gives me a sense of accomplishment.