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If you are like many home and property owners, you find yourself needing the services of a plumber to clean your drains. Some homeowners have to have them cleaned two or three times a year or more. Some property owners, (those who rent property) as often as every few months. Hydro jetting your drains instead of the basic snaking them out is an option you may want to consider.
If you have ever had your drains cleaned, I’m sure the have seen the snake type equipment that is normally used. A big motor driven machine that spins cable down your drain. It feeds down the drain until it hits the clog and basically chews it up. The problem with this method is it doesn’t get the residue, and often built up gunk on the inside of your line. It simply spins through and loosens anything it touches.
Hydro jetting drain cleaning is a very different and much more effective process for cleaning your drains. Most plumbing company’s that offer hydro jetting service have a large machine mounted on a trailer. It has it own
power system and water, along with hundreds of feet of hose.
It’s like a very powerful pressure washer that uses a hose instead of a wand, like on a standard pressure washer, used to clean your sidewalk or siding.The hydro jet can produce as much as 5,000 psi water pressure. Usually a steel head is mounted on the end of the hose with tiny holes that let it spray in all directions.
It cleans the entire inside of your drain with high pressure water. Any buildup of slug or grease that may be caked on the inside of your line, is simply jetted away. Hydro jetting leaves your drain as clean as it was the
day it was put in.
With such a through cleaning, usually you don’t have to have it done but perhaps once yearly.Unlike the sewer cleaning you pay for 2-3 times a year or more. If you have problem drains,you will certainly benefit from using a hydro jetting drain cleaning.
 Hydro jetting is the best way and safest way to clean your drains, if you will like more information contact The Plumbing Doctor, Our Specialists will gladly answer all of your questions. Call us today at 703-525-9280