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Leak detection services are worth it!


Nothing is ever more of a damage for your home than a leak. Even natural disasters like hurricanes and fire are not as damaging as water can be. This is due to the fact that with water damage, you cannot always see what has been destroyed. If you awake one day to your house being flooded, for example, you will have to deal with the damage underneath it all and not just the water itself. This is why there are some serious benefits of an annual leak detection service call.
It can often be difficult to locate the source of a leak. This is why it pays to bring in the professionals. Although the leak could always be bursting forth from a slab or possibly even the wall of a home, more subtle leaks do happen and can be very difficult to locate on your own without the help of professionals.
Leaks are measured and detected in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, a bucket test is sufficient. Other times professionals must perform a meter test instead. Leaks may also be detected by listening carefully to the sounds leaks make. This is called Acoustic Leak Detection.
With Acoustic Leak Detection, professionals with a trained ear can determine what each sound signifies. For example, a whooshing or hissing sound can mean the pressure is off, causing pipes to vibrate.
If the leak sounds more like a babbling brook, water is most likely flowing around the pipe. Thumping and beating noises are from water spraying the wall inside. A clinking sound could be pebbles hitting and bouncing off a pipe. Only a professional will be able to determine the severity and exact location of your leak.
Turning off the water in your house can help the problem until the professionals arrive. They do need to be called in because only they have the tools and experience to properly locate and deal with a leak. Try to do it yourself and you may have a wind up with a worse problem. Are you looking for leak detection services in the Arlington area? Contact The Plumbing Doctor at 703-525-9280 and schedule a service call today!