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Boiler Repair in Your Home Alexandria PlumbingHomes that have radiant heat or heat that is provided by water will have a boiler. The boiler is used for heating water that is sent to radiators throughout the house. Repairs may be needed to the boiler that is in your home if it is not providing heat or is not working at all. The type of repair that is required will be based on the nature of the problem.
No Heat
When there is not heat coming from your radiators, there may be an issue with the thermostat that is on the boiler. Another reason is that the boiler may have no power. There may also be an issue with the pilot or the electronic ignition mechanism that will require service. The boiler may also be low on water. If a boiler is low on water, it will not provide enough heat. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your boiler, contact your Alexandria professional plumber to ensure that your unit will be kept in good working order.
Poor Performance
A sudden change to the performance of your heating system may indicate that the boiler has an issue to get fixed. One reason for a sudden performance change is low water levels. Another reason is that there may be mineral deposits inside the tank. If your boiler has mineral deposits, service is required that will first drain the tank. Draining the tank is a task that requires the service of a plumber. When the tank has been drained, it will be refilled and brought back online.
Excess Water
When your boiler has excess water, it is due to inadequate air in the system. This can be due to water that is at a low level. If the tank is improperly charged, water can begin to boil. Boiling water can cause steam to come out of the pressure relief valve. Contact a plumber to examine your boiler and make any repairs that are needed to fix the problem. This can include replacing any parts that have failed and are no longer working correctly.
Water Leakage
Water leaks that are seen around your boiler are a cause to call for a repair. Leaks in your boiler will be caused by a pressure relief valve that is faulty, a bad water pipe connection, and a circulator pump may be faulty. You will need to hire a plumber to examine your boiler and make any needed repairs that will fix the leak.
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