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The average person doesn’t know very much about the different types of piping that can be used when repiping your home. If you increase your knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of each one, you can make a more informed decision and possibly save yourself time and money.
PEX piping is made of polyethylene and is made to resist extreme heat and cold. It’s also made to withstand chemicals, such as drain cleaners and the like. PEX is also flexible so it may be ideal to use in difficult situations. Because of its flexibility, it’s great to get around obstacles especially in preexisting older structures. Fewer joints and fittings, as well as the pipes’ flexible properties mean less of a chance for leaks. PEX pipe can also be used with preexisting metal and PVC pipe.
However, one of the disadvantages of PEX is that it can only be used indoors. There’s some concern that PEX pipe can’t be recycled by melting it down, but it can be ground down into a small grain-like material that can be made into other things. Also, it has a waterproof casing that could cause water contamination. While it is waterproof, it isn’t weather-proof and will be damaged if left outdoors for a lengthy amount of time.
Copper piping is obviously a good material for plumbing. It has been used for decades. It is long-lasting and resistant to corrosive chemicals and rust. It can be used inside or outside, and it doesn’t burn, which means no toxic fumes will be released in case of fire.
As with anything, copper has a few shortcomings, as well. It may be difficult to repipe a whole house with it because of the number of joints that need to be made. Also, copper has become more costly over the years, and it will burst in freezing weather if it’s not insulated properly.
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