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What Are the Causes of Slab Leaks?

Arlington PlumberIn Depth About Slab Leaks

A slab leak is basically the industrial and insurance term for any water leak taking place beneath the concrete floor of a home or building. Slab leaks are a serious problem and need to be taken care of.
This kind of job is best left to a professional. There are a numerous amounts of causes for slab leaks. One of the main causes is corrosion.
Overtime, metals start to rust and erode, especially if chemical solvents are used. In time, this corrosion causes little holes and results in leakage. Abrasion is another cause of slab leaks. Pipes sometimes vibrate when water runs through them, causing abrasion damage.
In some cases, pressure from weight such as concrete can smash the pipes and cause slab leaks. This falls into the category of bad construction. In the case of bad construction, more work will need to be done.
What Causes Slab Leaks?
There are many symptoms that indicate a slab leak. A major indication is if running water is heard even though all water is turned off. Also, if there is a hot spot over a specific area on the floor then there is a likely-hood of a slab leak.
More clues of slab leaks include cracks in walls or flooring, mildew or moisture under carpet, or excessively high water bills. A meter test is a sure way of knowing whether or not there is a slab leak.
If a slab leak is found, then there are three main ways it can be fixed by a professional. Spot repair, the most cost-effective method, fixes the problem right where the leak is. The other option is to repipe or reroute. This option is the most effective as it replaces the faulty pipe altogether.
Arlington Slab LeaksConclusion
Epoxy pipe coating is best for slab leaks that are really hard and expensive to get to. This method works by placing a small coating through the pipe system which involves no digging.
Whatever the cause of the slab leak is, it can be fixed. However, these types of jobs are best left to a professional as trying to fix the problem without knowledge can cause more problems.

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