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Signs of a gas leak


Gas leaks are silent, yet deadly killers that have taken the lives of many people by complete surprise. You cannot see the gas, and sometimes not even smell it. It is very easy not to notice the subtle changes in and around the home that indicate a gas leak. However, if you educate yourself about the signs, and the actions you should take if you discover a leak, you could save yourself or others from being poisoned by the gas in the event of a leak. This is much like earthquake preparedness plans or fire drills. You need to know what to do and so should the rest of the household.
One of the easiest ways to detect a gas leak is through your sense of smell. Natural gas is always given an additive to make its presence detectable. If you smell a stench such as rotten eggs or something like the smell at gas stations, you could definitely have a gas leak. The next easiest way to detect a leak is if you hear the sound of hissing near your gas appliance. This sound coupled with the smell of released gas is almost definitely a leak. Pets can also help you to detect gas leaks if they seem panicked or worried and try to take you out of the house. A number of pets have saved their owners lives this way.
Gas leaks are not restricted to only being inside the home. The pipes that run under the ground can also rupture and leak. If there are any plants dying in a specific area, while your other plant life is unaffected, this may be a sign of a leak. Bubbles steadily coming up in moist areas of your property are also a possible sign. The last easily detectable sign is when you see your plants bowing or moving as if they are being blown by a breeze, when there is none there or none of the other plants in the surrounding area are affected.
Be always vigilant about watching for gas leaks. Should you suspect there is a leak, evacuate the house and retreat to a safe distance. Then call your gas company for an inspection, or the emergency number if there are still people inside.
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