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Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

How to Find a Hidden Leak in Your Home?

Your Arlington plumbing system is one of the most essential pieces of your home. From the morning shower, to the glass of water before bed it is absolutely essential that people have a functioning plumbing system in their home at all times. Unfortunately, your plumbing system is also one of the most vulnerable parts of your home.
One of the most devastating things that can happen to your Arlington plumbing system is a hidden leak, so it is extremely important that you look for hidden leaks to protect your home.

Arlington, VA Plumbing ServicesWater Pressure Decrease

One of the biggest signs of a hidden leak in your home is a decrease in water pressure throughout your home. If you see less water pressure in your home, then you need to contact your local plumber and have your whole plumbing system checked out immediately.

Mysterious Puddles on Floor

Another important sign of a hidden leak in your home is mysterious puddles throughout your home. If you suddenly start seeing puddles in places where you have not historically had an issue, then you may have a new leak in your plumbing system.
Call a plumber if you notice this, so that your plumber can help you address the problem.

Water Bill too High

Another key sign is one that you will notice when you receive your water bill. If you have lived in your home for at least a year, then you know what kind of bill you should expect from the water company. If you see a major spike in the cost of your water bill, then you almost definitely have a hidden leak somewhere in your home.

Mold and Mildew in Your Home

Another extremely scary sign in your home is mold, especially outside of the area of your shower. This sign lets you know that moisture is leaking into your home through a leaking pipe, and you will need to address this as soon as possible.

The Musty Smell

One final sign that you need to look for in your home is a musty smell. Old water tends to have an extremely musty smell, and if you have a hidden leak in your home, then you may begin to notice this smell.
Overall, it is extremely important to always be on the lookout for hidden leaks in your home. Dealing with any leaks in your home is extremely important if you are going to retain the quality of life that you currently enjoy. If you believe that there is a hidden leak in your home, then you need to contact your plumber today.

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